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    Your future depends on your imagination! I believe that once we will like in a more transparent and beautiful world.
  1. Have you celebrated the VIXX 6th anniversary? I'm still enjoying the fiesta. I won't remind you the amount of VIXX achievement, some f the, you may find here: https://www.soompi.com/2018/05/23/10-precious-moments-celebrate-6-years-vixx/ I just leave the link to the video of overwhelmed BTS's Taehyung here as he was watching the VIXX's performance on stage in 2015: Enjoy the moment!
  2. Hello, friends! I can't wait for a new album. I want it the whole, but it's 3 of them, how should I deal with this? I have a question for those who are better informed about the production process of the Shinies... Will be there any songs recorded with a participation of our angel Jonghyun?
  3. They are already a retro, I suppose. Unfortunately, the sad event happened with Ladies Code isn't the one and the last... One day you will try to find albums of Shinee with Kim Jong-hyun vocal and couldn't find.
  4. I would like to tug him by the ears as my cousins made me when I was young to celebrate the new year of life. He is so cute! Happy birthday, Suho!
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