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  1. Remember how YSH said during MITH that LSG bragged about army life without anyone prompting him? He volunteered the additional information here without anyone asking him either I remember at the SG FM, during his episode four favourite scene, he picked up his microphone as if he wanted to say something but eventually he put it down. Maybe he wanted to say something but restrained himself eventually, lol
  2. Tried to add on to the gif I made yesterday, but it was too big and so I converted it into a video with the song LSG wants to serenade...oops, he wants to sing to the girl he wants to marry Facts speak for themselves A portion of it in gif (before I realised the size is too big, lol) Not sure if this works, let me know if it doesn't, thanks MITH compilation
  3. @iffahmm The name of the toy shop is Hakuhinkan in Ginza. Take note of the colour of the floor and cabinet design. It's a toy shop that sells a lot of plushies, including male and female Monchhichi, and other kinds of toys, but OYS hugged the male Monchhichi Self-explanatory much?
  4. One last post for today Since the gifs were made a long time ago, might as well post them I love the way LSG responded almost immediately to the gazes of OYS This little interaction between them during the filming is cute
  5. Hope you don't mind that I shortened your post here, just want to paste the gif for this I'll try to do it with the timeline and filming dates (unfortunately, I don't have info of all the dates) in my spare time, so it may pop up randomly at some time in the future, lol
  6. Not only did he stare at her for too long, his eyes were busy shifting between her face and her fingers doing the counting, lol The ring first appeared in her ig on April 8. Hmm... what special day is that again? For instance... this? I'm just joking, I know they aren't the same brand. At least I draw the line at my delulu-ism, unlike some who shall not be named @bulkkoch I don't think I welcomed you yet Please forgive a forgetful person with a goldfish's memory like me
  7. Full interview of LSG with Channel News Asia CR: CNA Youtube He said he is most like the real LSG in MITH, so now we know all the hints he gave in the show aren't just our delulu and his responses weren't scripted LSG: If I meet someone I want to get married to, I will sing "Will You Marry Me", the ballad version. He looks shy and nervous during this portion, Mr Obvious, lol
  8. Yeah, he did. He actually also looked a little shy when he said that, but just in case that was just my delulu since I was watching him at a considerably close distance (a huge distraction, haha), you may have to take that extra info with a pinch of salt, lol
  9. I don’t think you’re delulu because when he said he would make coffee only for the one he loves, he was smiling and practically beaming with happiness Guess she loves his coffee a lot On a side note, they are so adorable that I’m tempted to ship them, so much more believable than some we might know of
  10. With similar dressing style (not just colours , mind you), shiny objects (even though they aren't crows ) and Monchhichi monkeys (there's a whole family of those by the way), we are blessed indeed Oops, I forgot the kopi-o-kosong (iced americano), lol
  11. Not only that, Monchichi monkeys were created to inspire respect and love in the young children and adults, so it's a monkey that stands for love, lol It's the world's most famous monkey apart from SOG and there is a legend in Japan that if you give a Monchhichi doll to your loved one, it will mean a lifetime of happiness for both.
  12. IG update from OYS Photo taken in Japan (judging from her green bag and the sign on the display shelf) Is that a monkey? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monchhichi Monchhichi (モンチッチ Monchitchi) is a line of Japanese stuffed toy monkeys from the Sekiguchi Corporation, first released in 1974. Yes, it's a monkey, lol This is better than bracelets, no?
  13. Audio clip (not video, unfortunately) of the favourite scenes in the Singapore Fan Meet. Please do not repost, thanks CR for pix: IG LSG: I'm the best actor MC: Yeah, it looks like you enjoyed a lot Oops, forgot to mention that he facepalmed twice.. shy much?
  14. Do shoes count for shiny objects? His shoes were so metallic shiny that you could literally use them as a mirror Oh, and the Chanel brooch, lol
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