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  1. The part where he was talking about the ALML making Cr: Weibo
  2. Thanks for reminding me of this, yes, that's probably where it should have appeared. KBS has deleted so many of the preview scenes and I don't even know if they are going to have that DVD We really should have all of them thrown into the Han River
  3. A deleted scene from episode 25 & 26, it seems. Again, don't think they even filmed this scene... Cr: jj0831 for the translation
  4. Apparently, this is the portion. Can anyone be so kind as to translate this portion? Another ig post with the translation part Why can't I have seen this scene in the drama instead???
  5. I hope someone who has the script book can just translate this part so I know how many kids they have and their gender...
  6. I love this Kocowa interview. His gaze was on her whenever it was her turn to speak. He started with a side glance and ended with a side glance too, lol I miss them. They have been so quiet Till we see them again...
  7. Ya, I think they most probably are photos we've already seen, but I want a printed version of those photos which I can keep, lol
  8. Someone has received the ost album. I'm curious about the content of the photobook. I won't be receiving mine anytime soon...
  9. Director - might not have filmed the baby scene or chose to omit it Writer - storytelling part could have been better KBS - didn't show us the BTS of the last 2 episodes Which one has the more serious fault?
  10. It seems that someone has received the script book (the 2 books in Korean) and DanYeon had a baby in the last chapter. Not sure if the director filmed that scene, or it was just inside the book itself... I wish someone who knows Korean can buy those books and translate just that portion, lol
  11. I need translation for this ig user's posts and the comments, can't understand anything at all other than the very very basic words Of course she loves teasing him when his reaction is always so cute XDD
  12. They seem so busy with their individual projects that I don't even know if they are keeping in contact. Yeah, it's about timing, so now I'm contented if they are just keeping in contact. Who knows what will happen in the future? Didn't KMS mention he has sleep problems or something like that? Maybe he will miss his noona, LOL. But I do hope to see them at the KBS awards...
  13. I don't think KMS is intimidated by SHS as he strikes me as the kind of person who is clear-headed and likes to challenge himself. But I'm not sure if SHS sees him as a guy or dongsaeng. Maybe after he goes for enlistment and looks more mature, she will see him differently
  14. I think I know which song it is. I also like that song and am disappointed it isn't included in the album. I can't even find any unreleased version of it
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