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  1. I don't think it is what you want https://genius.com/Sun-hae-im-will-be-back-lyrics so I'll search for more I think this Lady can help you https://www.instagram.com/jg_k_drama/
  2. Harper's BAZAAR HK LEE JUN KI FANS ARE READY! OPPA PICKS A CHRISTMAS GIFT FOR YOU https://www.harpersbazaar.com.hk/celebrity/interview/Lee-Joon-Gi 李准基@actor_jg has to talk to fans! Keep an eye on BAZAAR's exclusive interview
  3. THE ACTOR&MAN LEE JOON GI An old but interesting article http://sports.hankooki.com/lpage/cinet/200602/sp2006021008053058470.htm Google Translate: Lee Man-jin Lee Jun Ki "300 million won? Works better than money!" A large amount of ransom, 'fly, daddy, fly' Actor Lee Jun Ki 's 60 million won to decide to appear in the late work was announced.Lee Jun Ki has recently filmed 'Fly, Daddy, Fly' (Director Jun Tae Tae and Production Dine Film)And received an unbelievable (?) Guarantee of 60 million won. Lee Jun Ki decided to appear with 'Fly, Daddy, Fly' as a performance fee of KRW 10 million despite the fact that there were producers who give a guarantee of up to 300 million won with the success of the movie 'King of Man'. Lee Jun-ki's agency, Mentor Entertainment, said, "I decided to appear because of the contents of the work, the producer and the divine, rather than the monetary profit." Lee Jun Ki was auditioned at the time of appearing in the movie 'The King's Man' and received a 20 million won guarantee. Considering his popularity now, it is relatively low guarantee, but even at that time, he was guaranteed a relatively high guarantee for newcomers because he was in the lead role. Lee Jun finished the negotiations with the 'Fly, Daddy, Fly' production company in December last year before the opening of 'King's Man'. In the meantime, "The King's Man" was crowded with 10 million viewers. But Lee declined all proposals under the judgment that he could not break the promise with the production company that had already finished negotiations. Even though the ransom was up to 20 times, I was satisfied with the guarantee of triple. Lee Jun Ki said, "For years to come, acting as an actor has played a big role in the decision to play with works and acting rather than money. I hope that this film will reveal the masculine appeal and make another Lee Jun Ki worthy work. "
  4. Sorry I can't translate the article bc : "The Amazon CloudFront distribution is configured to block access from your country."
  5. LAWLESS LAWYER will be broadcast in China, on Channel 41 Original article:https://www.chinatimes.com/cn/realtimenews/20181121003905-260404 (Google Translation) Li Junji's incarnation of "Wu Law Master" Lee Jun Ki has both drama and emotional drama in the play. (provided by the eight major drama stations) Xu Ruizhi (left) and Lee Jun Ki have wonderful opponents in the film. (provided by the eight major drama stations) In the Korean drama "Wu Law Master", Lee Jun Ki showed his exquisite fists and martial arts. He did not need to substitute himself to play. One of the plots was to rescue the heroine Xu Ruizhi. After Li Jinji asked the other person with warm eyes, was there any question? As a result, before the camera, he focused on looking at the heroine. He was told by the director: "It is not for you to kiss the show!" Xu Ruizhi could not help but laugh. In Lee Jun Ki's play, he played the role of a gangster and often used his fist to solve the problem. He became a martial lawyer in order to avenge his mother. Xu Ruizhi interprets the young lawyer who is full of ambitions and cuts it for 13 years before the filming. The long hair, with the image of fallen short hair and Lee Jun Ki together against the evil forces. During the two-player game, Lee Jun Ki caught Xu Ruizhi, who was just yawning, jokingly said to her: "You can make an album called "Yawning King."" and he has an understanding of the name of Xu Ruizhi's character, laughing: "So you only Called He (Korean pronunciation with "Ha") in Iraq? " Lee Jun Ki was slim in the film, and he was seen through the behind-the-scenes footage. With the hands and chairs on the scene, you can exercise, and even help the lighting engineer to take things, even the light board is not a fake hand, holding the board for their own light. "Wu Law Master" will be broadcast on the 8th drama stage (channel 41) at 10 o'clock every Monday to Friday.
  6. What a pity his Bong Sang-pil and Lawless Lawyer weren't appreciated/voted enough by the fans Such a good drama and no award. I'm very disappointed Not by him...he never disappointed me Anyway, Lee JoonGi made his mark on the Cinematic Art and no one can ignore or deny it Koreans should be proud and grateful to him
  7. His new TV Show finally started https://s.weibo.com/weibo/%23带我去远方%23
  8. I hopped they'll be together at AAA's Event on 28 November...as the most popular actress&actor but, unfortunately, this year his fans didn't vote him too much. I don't know why...it could be because they're busy looking for ML2 , news if JG and IU are dating each other, or looking for his IG's updates and commented there about how much they love him(sorry...I can't stop myself being a bit sarcastic !) ...or it could be because Lawless Lawyer isn't on their taste.... I agree that if you're a fan of romance or fantasy dramas, then LL isn't a drama easy to watch it...it's something else... It is one of the best dramas I ever saw Anyway...we lost the opportunity to see them together at AAA. Maybe next year ....
  9. A NEW EVENT ON 28 NOVEMBER 2018 Green Umbrella Santa Expedition, in Seoul It is a charity event, a gift campaign for Christmas, part of “ Mickey in Seoul “ Campaign Celebrating the 90th Anniversary of Mickey Mouse Seoul City and Disney Korea
  10. Welcome ! As I understood reading some comments , these were only for the 1st floor. Why not 2nd floor or when...I don;t know
  11. You're welcome ! Agree ! They are very good friends but I remember what Wang So said to Soo : for me Friendship and Love are the same I don't expect too much but...I'm still dreaming to see them again together ...on screen or....who knows... ?
  12. New updates : Yesterday, after IU's concert : JG's comment translated by his amazing fan, @jg_k_drama . Thank you Teaser:
  13. Me too . I don't dare to dream too much bc I already had a bad experience with ZLY and my dear LGX ...but who knows ? Their friendship is very good and I always remember what Wang So said to Soo : for me , Friendship and Love are the same...
  14. NOW HE IS IN 4th PLACE BUT THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN 4th AND 5th IS VERY SMALL ! https://www.asiaartistawards.com/vote/secondVote.html?type=mactor
  15. https://www.soompi.com/article/1264623wpp/lee-joon-gi-embark-asia-fan-meeting-tour
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