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  1. JG’s acceptance speech after winning the Best Male Asian Star for his work on Lawless Lawyer at the Starhub Night of Stars awards
  2. Congratulations to Lee JoonGi for winning 2018 StarHub Best Male Asian Star Award as a recognition of his huge talent and great performance as Bong Sang-pil in Lawless Lawyer
  3. Congratulations to Lee JoonGi for winning 2018 StarHub Best Male Asian Star Award I'm really happy for him
  4. JG’s StarHub Night of Stars red carpet interview : see what he said about his next drama/movie !!! Let's keep our hope high on Moon Lovers-season 2 !!!
  5. StarHub Night of Stars JG's Interview translated by @jg_k_drama
  6. He for sure knows how charming he is ... Take your heart pil before watching ... ...playing with our hearts...
  7. StarHub Nights Of Stars at red carpet event on 22 Dec 2018 at Marina Bay Sands Theatre FANS first ...as always
  8. Live Stream - Red Carpet -I hope this link will be also for the event
  9. Tired but happy and funny https://weibo.com/1751142705/H8k9AgP9s
  10. He landed at Changi Airport in Singapore at 11:45pm (local time) JG in Singapore - IG's update
  11. WOW...WOW...WOW https://www.weibo.com/p/100808dfb7713cbd19312b0c5f780b89e0287f/super_index#_rnd1545343635856
  12. COMMERCIAL https://www.weibo.com/p/100808dfb7713cbd19312b0c5f780b89e0287f/super_index#_rnd1545343308075
  13. I'm sure that a lot of IU's fans voted for him...but, for me it's hard to believe so many of JG's fans didn't vote for him because of such a stupid reason. More probably many of them didn't like LL or were too busy or they didn't find out about the vote from the beginning. As for the vote system for all the Awards events, there are things that seem wrong...for example to buy votes or to vote a number of days. It would have been all right if each person would have only one vote to give,,,not some people vote 20 times and others once or twice. Not to mention that there was no jury so all the people who love the actor or drama but from various reasons couldn't vote, are discriminated. They all paid money to see the drama and actor so why to be excluded ?
  14. Me too but I wasn't surprised because I felt that Lawless Lawyer has a special meaning for him . Unfortunately, we failed to vote as it deserves . In my opinion, Bong Sang-pil is the best work of his career and he can be proud of it ....even if the trend now means easily digestible TV Series . LL is something else and I hope that sooner or later, people will understand and truly appreciate it. As for the song, I found an article https://www.soompi.com/article/1049225wpp/iu-explains-took-kim-kwang-seoks-song-repackaged-album and IU said: “In April, this song was one of the first I picked for ‘Flower Bookmark 2’,” she said. “In the last ‘Flower Bookmark’ album, I included the song ‘Flower.’ I’ve been a fan of the late Kim Kwang Seok for a long time and I wanted to include his song in this one as well.” She continued, “However, after reading the recent news with interest and thinking it over for a long time, I decided not to include the song in this album. I thought it would be hard to treat this song as just a song, and people might feel emotions that are unrelated to the song while listening to it and feel uncomfortable.” IU also apologized for the delay of her physical album to accommodate this change. “It’s a song I cherished a lot so it’s even more regretful. I want to officially release this song in better times, when everyone can enjoy it with a happy heart.” I'm glad JG included this beautiful song in his FM . Let's hope their hearts are happy now. So is mine
  15. Original song: With the Heart to Forget You (잊어야 한다는 마음으로) Composer: Kim Kwang Seok (1992)
  16. Wow...he is moving really fast... DEC. 16. 2018 GIMPO AIRPORT - OSAKA KANSAI (DEPARTURE)
  17. I hope next year we all, his fans, will find a bit more time to support him and his work. Unfortunately, this year we failed...not necessary to say more... JG's new post on his IG account Translation :
  18. I agree that there is no friendship between a man and a woman and no chemistry on screen between an actress and an actor without a strong attraction.... Whatever we want to call it it's just an attempt to hide the feelings and to fool ourselves...
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