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  1. Update Fans are really talented guys JG selected few pics taken by his fans.
  2. Updates He is so funny He is so funny...editing the update because of fans' reactions
  3. An article about his last FM Sorry for the translation but that's what Google did Anyway, I think it is good enough and the article really interesting Original article : https://star.ettoday.net/news/1435241#ixzz5mkGIx2u2 ETtoday Starlight Cloud May 02, 2019, 12:47 Lee Jun Ki revealed that the guardian is "he" Will not mess! Text/ nuclear energy South Korean actor Lee Jun Ki, who has been in business for nearly five months since December 2018, has made a perfect ending in Seoul's Encore field on April 28, 2019 in the "Delight Asia Tour" in six cities in five countries. ▲ Lee Jun Ki's Asian tour. (Photo/Revolving from Namooactors official website) Li Jinji, whohas always emphasized that he is not an idol or a singer, but a professional actor, has shown amazing singing and dancing strength and a gorgeous stage at every tour meeting, compared to professional singers. Also in no way inferior, the audience who participated in the show shouted back the fare! The best-looking actors will not meet one. In the Encore tour venue held in the lobby of the Seoul Olympic Park, in addition to the dazzling T-shaped stage, lighting, blasting fireworks, paper flowers, etc., the stage effects, there are also screen projection images, high platform Laser projections, LED backgrounds, etc., with songs and dances, provide a wonderful visual effect. This time, Li actor once again sang the local songs specially prepared for the tour in various countries, including of course the "confession balloon" and "contentment", so many Korean fans have deliberately studied these two songs. Fu let more Koreans know Taiwanese singers and songs. In addition, there are the Thai song "Finn", Japan's "The World's Only Flower" and two Cantonese songs "The Hair is Chaos" and "The Love of the Year". Just by preparing these songs in different languages, you can know the extent of his intention to tour. There is also a DJ link that everyone has been talking about. The venue has turned into a large nightclub for one second, giving fans and audiences the greatest satisfaction and participation. Together with the four-hour dance performance, it is a well-deserved reputation. Slimming + legs are awkward. ▲ Lee Jun Ki's Asian tour. (Photo/Revolving from the official website of Namooactors)The tour was named "Delight: For us", and Lee Jun Ki, who always held fans in his heart, once again wrote the lyrics he wrote on the album released this year. The fans’ long-time companion expressed their gratitude through the song “For us”, and specially made Japanese and Chinese editions included in the album. In the accompaniment solo part of the guitarist, the guitarist asked: "What kind of existence does the fan have for the brother?" Li Junji replied: "It is my oxygen and my heart." The specially produced MV is full of his pity and gratitude to the fans. ▼ Lee Jun Ki "For us" MV. (Source: YouTube 나무엑터스NAMOOACTORS Official) With Lee Junji's idol-like beauty, it should be easy to occupy a place in the most easy-to-follow love drama, but he has never been an actor in the mass market drama route, except for the martial arts action madman, who also likes to challenge the characters with high emotional difficulty. The role of the story is strong, but in addition to being vulnerable to such dramas, this type of drama is also very testable. As a result, even if the actor does not care about safety and even injuries, he will do his best, but the results may not be satisfactory. Fans sometimes confess to each other, "Who is calling us an unscrupulous master?" It is necessary to worry about the actor being injured and to fulfill his ideal of acting. In his lifetime, he can see the rich and handsome tyrants who talk about love. Actor? ▲ Lee Jun Ki's Asian tour. (Figure / flip from Namooactors official website) Lee Jun Ki is always very magical to know the fan's thoughts. On April 17th, he said after the fans gave the cake a birthday wish: "The fans who have been with me for a long time have been more than 10 years, even 16 years. There are a lot of storms, no matter how hard we live, this world is not so easy to be as good as it is, but no matter how we can all face together, calmly face it? Every year, I promised a birthday wish that I hope to have a good work. Everyone knows that I am trying harder than anyone else, even if I am injured, because I want to be a warm actor. But it seems that I am missing a bit of luck. I know that you are also sharing this pressure with me... "Hey~ I don’t think the drama of my actor is good." Someone will think like this... I can understand the words behind that sentence. It means "If my actor is red, it will be fine." I have been looking forward to making everyone feel happy. Although it is not easy, I am carefully selecting it, hoping to have something that will satisfy you and be proud. Everyone is happy to continue running with my actor's life in the future. Please give me some time. " In addition, there have been many criminal incidents in the Korean entertainment industry recently. The Li actor who knows the fan's mind knows what the fans are worried about, so he said: ''There is a thing that can be guaranteed unconditionally with everyone. I will never do anything wrong. I will live honestly. This is absolutely no doubt! My father is still my guardian now. What if I did ? I will be killed by my dad...Ah, let me slap me before that'' After all, it’s the sisters who watched the grown up.....XDD is such a good boy, God will give him a good work~! ▼ Lee Jun Ki and fans promise that they will never do bad things. (Source: Facebook Li Junji Royal Rice Group LJG Taiwan Fan Club)
  4. NEW FAN MEETING Source: http://leejoongi.jp/information/list.php (Google Translate) 2010.04.29 News of Lee Jun Ki Japanese fan meeting "2019 LEE JOON GI SPLENDOR Family Day" holding Thank you for always supporting Lee Jun Ki. It is a fan club secretariat. This time, it is decided to hold Lee Jun Ki's visit to Japan fan meeting for all of Splendor Family! ■ Performance Overview [performances name] "2019 LEE JOON GI SPLENDOR Family Day" [date and venue] Dates: June 14, 2019 (Friday) Venue: Pacifico Yokohama National Convention Hall Doors Open: 16:30 (scheduled) raising of the curtain : 17:30 (scheduled) ※ For details on ticket sales, please see infomation 【“2019 LEE JOON GI SPLENDOR Family Day” Ticket Precedence Reception】. 2010.04.29INFO "2019 LEE JOON GI SPLENDOR Family Day" About ticket reception desk We will inform you about the FC member advance acceptance of "2019 LEE JOON GI SPLENDOR Family Day". ※ We will display the ticket purchase site during the reception start period. Venue : Date : June 14, 2019 (Fri) Venue : Pacifico Yokohama National Hall Opening: 16:30 (scheduled) Opening performance: 17:30 (scheduled) ■ [First lead] FC & mobile W member prior reception period Tuesday, May 7, 2019 12:00 to May 8, 2019 (Wed) 23 : 59 Winner announced: May 10, 2019 (Fri) ■ [Secondary lead] FC member Pre-Registration Period May 10, 2019 (Fri) 12:00 to May 16, 2019 (Thu) 23 : 59 Winner Announced: May 18, 2019 (Saturday) ■ [3 rd. Period 20th May 2019 (Mon) 12:00 to May 21st 2019 (Tuesday) 23:59 Winning announcement: May 23 2019 (Thu) ■ Ticket fee: ¥ 12,960 (tax included) ■ Ticket sales Details will be announced one by one ※ It is not a first-come-first-served basis. ※ The member advance receptionist is limited to members of "Lee Lee Jun Ki Japanese Official Fan Club" and "Lee Jun Gi Official Mobile".  Lee Jun Ki FC Membership RegistrationHere!  Lee Jun Ki mobile membership registrationHere! ※ If you join the fan club or the mobile site (paying), you can apply for the member advance.Please note that inquiries about tickets can not be answered at the official Lee Jun Ki fan club.
  5. Both NamooActors President and CEO were there NamooActors President: ''Our hard-working actor and staff members are so happy and always feel the love of the fans'' NamooActors CEO:
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