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  1. Ha ha ha...this must be a joke ''Seeing off departure at Haneda Airport. I saw it in the concourse as to who I am saying ... but I do not know who It looks like a Taiwan star Who is this person? You can see if you are a Korean star'' ''I got on the same flight when I got on board now ... Korea not Taiwan? I wonder if it is Lee Jun Ki ... It looks similar when you look closely''
  2. Happy, after the show Delight Tour and for sure Splendor Family Day too, have been successful We're already in mid 2019...so from now on he will probably focus on his next project I don't know what he will chose but I'm sure he will give us another great acting performance
  3. We all know Splendor Family Day has its own rules, so no photos/videos during the show We have to wait for the official pics and videos All I could find for the moment is this ...
  4. You're welcome ! I'll try my best to find more fan art This drama is indeed a very good one and all the actors were very good. Also his co-star was perfect and their chemistry amazing. She was , in my opinion, the best co-star he ever had
  5. Google Translate: Welcome to Japan-"PHOTO @ Gimpo" # Lee Jun Ki , already has a fan meeting at the airport? Aura Full Opening Shining in All Black " Harming personalities are alive and well"
  6. Finally..an update He gained weight, his hair is black and he looks better than ever
  7. SPLENDOR FAMILY DAY FOR THE FIRST TIME ON JAPANESE TV Today : 2018 LEE JOON GI's FAN MEETING held at the Tokyo International Forum on April 26 Google Translate:
  8. 韓流ぴあ , 2019, July -release date: 2019/06/22 -cover, photos and an interview
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