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  1. In my opinion, JG is a very honest man and actor. I love his sincerity. Every time when he was asked if he loves her, he didn't deny it. But he also said many times that he'll keep his relationship private to protect the woman and I can understand why. Not easy to be a celebrity, especially in South Korea. I have no doubt their relationship is a very special one. Both are beautiful people , not only outside but also inside and both are intelligent and strong people. Looking how she grew up as an actress, I'd say he's also a mentor for her and I can feel his influence in her acting. I think he believes in her talent and encouraged her very much. Anyway, I don't believe in friendship between a man and a woman , Not that kind of what we're usually calling friendship but I believe in a friendship based on love. There is always about love between a man and a woman. Since he finished Lawless Lawyer I've lived with the feeling that he is waiting for her and that's why I think March will bring us a surprise or maybe a ML2. Asked about a season 2, JG said that he want it but people are busy and that's makes me believe, sooner or later, will be a ML2 

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