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  1. Hello, Jillia !


    OMG, what was wrong and what thread is about ?

    He could win a Popularity award or any other award , not necessary an award for the LL drama 

    1. happyfanlgx


      His fans are not all visiting the main thread so what was wrong posting on other threads about him ? I really can't understand. Of course, you can punish me and I have no way to defend myself . It is a bit unfair because last time I asked for your help about a post but I didn't receive any reply. 


      Have a good day ! 

    2. happyfanlgx


      I can't believe you deleted my post on the [Drama 2018] Lawless Lawyer 무법 변호사 !!! :bawling:

      Any award he could win is connected with this drama because it was released this year and he is the MALE LEAD ACTOR  ! Why to be punish for posting on the thread about this drama , sorry but I really can't understand:cry:

      I thought the moderators are for helping us but , as I see, I was wrong.

      As I said, you can punish me and I can't defend myself ...not fair at all


      Have a good day ! 

    3. happyfanlgx


      This are the categories of AAA https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asia_Artist_Awards#Best_Artist_Award

      One of the awards is BEST ARTIST . What for this award if not for a drama ? (here is the proof I am right : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asia_Artist_Awards#Best_Artist_Award )

      This is your message :


      "Hi happyfanlgx,


      I've asked you repeatedly not to post off-topic posts in drama threads. You even received a period of moderated content as a official warning to think about your behavior and to change it.


      Yet you go back to your old patterns. This time I will give you another official warning with 2 points.


      If your posts have nothing to do with the drama but only with the actor himself, the posts belong in the respective actor thread."


      As I said, he was the MALE LEAD ACTOR in that drama and this kind of award is for the work...Lawless Lawyer is his work https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lawless_Lawyer..the only one this year ! 

      Please, cancel the punishment ! 



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