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  1. @fangirldeokjil94 I’m happy you had the first-hand encounter with our HPL stars & crew. Thank you for sharing your insights and observations. That makes our HPL enjoyment even bigger. And tides over the waiting period between episodes. Kudos to your Korean. To be able to understand what KJW and the crew were saying, to shout out a greeting.. wow! That made it so much more meaningful! Makes me regret my feeble attempts at Korean class, hardly remember any verbs. Thank you for “connecting” us to the live update. Hope you get another chance to bump into them and get a photo.
  2. So observant about the phones! Hmmm.. I remember @fangirldeokjil94 said KJW was using a big phone, so it must be a big Iphone yah? On a side note, I feel concerned about that conversation between Ryan & Da In. It surely has to do with the big tear drops in the preview. I just love all you CSI investigators pinning down the details, dissecting and analyzing them. Keep it up!! That’s why I hang out here.. Here’s the eng sub BTS, very cute! All credits to Instagram owners
  3. I like the ending scene a lot too.. been rewatching it. The expressions on KJW’s face are amazing to watch. Scroll right for all the parts of this scene. credit to Instagram owner
  4. hanging around.. enjoy while waiting for BTS @fangirldeokjil94 is this the scene you saw being filmed? Credit to Instagram owners
  5. @fangirldeokjil94 wow, what an experience you had!! You are so brave to stay there patiently in the cold, and so considerately giving the crew respect and distance to work. Hey, with a cast, did you have to go in crutches? I hope you were able to rest your foot up somewhere while waiting and watching. It’s so cool that you were able to meet the actors in person and share the BTS perspective with us. I’m sure you’ve “recorded” those moments in your “pics, clips, gifs” as Deokmi talked about after their confession, despite not getting a selfie or autograph. Thanks for sharing the spoilers, both the cute and angsty moments.. I hope they are not going to do a time leap and Ryan going back to NY, please no!!! Looking forward to more of your reports from Seoul
  6. The ending scene, all sync up in Black. Is this a good time for Ryan & Deokmi to be wearing matching colours? Noticed that except for the confession scene in the workshop, they have been wearing non matching colours. Happy and dating, still different colour schemes.
  7. Thanks for sharing the naver link. Could you share which is the counter? I’m curious.
  8. Waiting impatiently for tvN to reveal the stills of the next episode. Meanwhile, the bouquet from the end of the last episode re-awakened my love for the ball shaped Pom Pom chrysanthemums. Credits to Instagram owners
  9. @SeGafanlady hi hi!! Good to see you here too! I’ve been watching out for LMK dramas since I watched I Really, Really Like you followed by Dalja’s Spring. All thanks to the Name the Drama from dramabeans a couple of years back that led me to that first gem. After a 10 year break, he finally made the unique, almost perfect Because This is my first life. I’m now enjoying his portrayal of SDJ, a genuine hearted yet fearful and misunderstood character.
  10. Thank you for the info. Haven’t watched it. Just read the recaps and slurping up the pics and clips here at soompi. yeah those sly half smiles. And wasn’t he positively giggling to one side of the bed after teasing SSK that she was ugly.. sly!!
  11. Hey @meechuttso, thanks for the gifs and Korean sharing! I always like it when they say 그냥 and your swooning over the beautiful words is rubbing on me. I keep thinking where the air traffic control guys are, how is it so empty esp for a busy airport like Incheon.. are there certain wee hours where no planes take off or land? About the pjs, are those regular pjs or Korean hospital pjs?
  12. @meechuttso ahhh your post made me un-lurk. Thank you for your post. So good to see you here!! Please share with us your insights on the beautiful things that SDJ says (esp those more effective in the original language). I was looking for Instagram posts with eng subs of SDJ excerpts.. couldn’t find any nice ones. I can understand those all resound with you!!
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