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  1. I definitely agree with you on that. Its a good move that they bough a real parent couple as host. It makes the voice-overs more natural and more related. You can really feel their comments.
  2. I want to watch it toooo!! But I only watched in Youtube, do you know when will KBS upload it?
  3. I recently started watching TROS, and I started with episode 1, currently Im on episode 30. hehe.. But cant wait to see Na Eun as I saw clips of her on face book . Im becoming more active in watching TROS episodes.
  4. @lyd89 @_gillianne19_ Thanks for sharing those articles regarding the viewer's trip. I really envy those fansssss ehehehe, but im happy for them. Wish they will have that again in the future, so I can join and hopefully gets to be chosen! Cant wait for the episodes. <3
  5. Missing our boys so much!! More episodes to come. Hi Everyone, thanks for all the links and gifs, it helps me fills the gap here in my heart coz I finished all the episodes and cant wait for more.. BTW, for the unaired clip, is there an IG page or anything where there are links?
  6. I love love love love love love the latest episodes, from Variety New Born to Shinhwa episode, every moment is funny haha.. I can't believe that our lovable boys will win most of the games, they definitely improved a lot, they learn their strength and weaknesses. Can't wait for the next episodes!!!
  7. Just finished watching VNS Special!! It brought me so many laughs!! I loved all the guests!! Tiger JK is really nice, even if he is a legend, he is always ready to do games and be funny.. He made my stomach hurts from laughing when he was spinning hahahah! Lee Se-jin, really is a fan of Tiger JK. He is genuinely happy seeing his idol! I love his simple acts, and he looks very kind. Bae Myung Ho, I didn't expect him to be really adorable, I though he will be like Choo Sarang Dad, which I also love, but definitely Myung Ho is different, he is really cute, from watching sad dramas, to letting his tear fell. Cant get enough of him! Lim Ju Hwan is also good, and he looks really humble. However, i cant forget his spinning, he is all over the floor. Poor Ju Hwan hehe, maybe because he is so tall that it is hard for him, poor him got defeated by a fool heheh. Brian Joo, he is really handsome, and good in playing games except jegichagi, I really thought he is just hiding his talent playing that game. Also, he seems a really g ood friend of Jong Min, I want to watch their previous shows. Go Young Bae, he is my least favorite among the guest, but I dont dislike him, I like how he is game to show effort in creating his air time hehe.. I love all of them!! More to this guys please!!
  8. @kjmcth Thank you for answering my question! I miss my 2d1n, I haven't watch the VNS special yet, because I want to watch it when I am in good shape, where I can give my full attention, without pause, so I can feel it hehehe
  9. So excited for the trip with Shinhwa!! I usually watched in KBS channel in youtube, I stopped watching after the 2018 Olympics. as I am saving the next episodes so I can marathon ehehe! Hope all of us continue to love 2 days and 1 night.. Are the shows in on same timeslot gaining viewers recently?
  10. I am excited to watch this episode.. However, I saw on IG that the episode rating is 10% ? can someone confirm? I am worried.. I hope the can pick up the rating again.
  11. Thank you @nrllee <3 I remember how they all reacted on seeing Dong-gu on video call, I myself felt so giddy that time andI even screenshot Dong-gu.. He looks so handsome!
  12. yes please!! can' wait for it.. let us all suffer from anticipation hehehe Our oppa is indeed a really good speaker <3 Using "child's eye" as a description of their drama, and how it is differ, is really interesting. I cant wait to see how they will portray this perceptions.
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