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  1. Thank you for sharing the update with us! It's always so interesting to see what else they cut out. I'm still hoping they might release the original ending they had planned, even though it seems very unlikely. I just can't accept the way it ended, I invested too much emotion into this series for it to shove a half-baked ending into our faces
  2. It didn't come up when I did a random google search... >_<
  3. Really? That's covering a lot for a single list... I'm surprised LJ is there at all considering how many idol actors are out there and the problems you mentioned. Then again, Royal nirvana is the first time I've heard of him, so I don't know how well his works, or even himself as a person, are usually received. These 'rankings' are just... So bizarre... The things they're based on as well... >.< Thanks for explaining!
  4. I agree, it took me a few episodes to get into the longest day in chang'an, but it was so worth it. It has its flaws but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I actually really liked Joy of Life, it had me tearing up with laughter at some points. It has the right mix of humour, suspense, fairly good plot and great acting. But it's probably not everyone's cup of tea. It definitely helped fill any spare time between Royal Nirvana episodes, and the comedic relief was much appreciated after seeing CP get emotionally, and occasionally physically, tortured on a weekly basis. Honestly, whilst the ending of this drama makes me question why I pondered on this drama as much as I did, it's hard not to appreciate the cast's tremendous efforts and mostly amazing acting. I've never watched LJ before. Needless to say, I'll be more than happy to watch him again in his future works. The FL was amazing too and this would be the second time I've watched her in a TV drama.
  5. I see so many different 'individual ranking' lists but I don't really know what the differences are between them. And the rankings seem to differ quite a bit sometimes depending which list one looks at. Could I ask what this index is a representation of? If it's something like popularity, how is it different to other lists? Excuse me for the barrage of questions... I just get a bit confused about these things.
  6. At this point, I just want to see the original ending that they had planned. It doesn't quite matter if it doesn't make sense after all the cuts and edits, because I don't understand the one they gave us anyways. I'm grateful that we still had the opportunity to witness some top-notch acting, the male lead really wow'ed me. But the amount of work and effort that the actors put in just makes the treatment of this drama all the more insulting.
  7. Sorry to be a pain, could I ask if these deleted scenes or info about them are made available somewhere?
  8. I feel like that would be a more "realistic" ending... I know his position has done him no favours whatsoever except for providing him the chance to meet WX, but it doesn't seem very characteristic of him to let go of everything that he and his supporters have worked for... just so that he could live a 'normal' life where he actually gets to choose to do what makes him happy. At least, 'resignation' doesn't seem like something he'd declare publicly for reasons other than being convicted of a crime worthy of deposition? I'd love to watch a happy ending for CP and WX, but from my perspective as a viewer, it doesn't seem like it'll be fully satisfying if the HE felt forced/over-the-top in this drama's established context...
  9. Oh goodness... If he mentioned the hairpin, is there a chance they're gonna go for the original ending?!...
  10. No clue what you're referring to for Prince Qi. "Just" with the context of his own desires. If someone committed a crime, he wants the guilty to be punished. Whenever he punishes WX, it's because he sees a reason to (... or she pissed him off somehow and he's being too spiteful/cruel about retribution, but hey, he's human and certainly not a perfect character). In reference to a previous comment I made, why would CP treat his crown princess the same way he would treat someone who was initially, in his mind, just an insolent servant? Every time he warms up to her, there's always something new that attacks his trust in her, and like someone said above, the show is swinging back and forth between trust and distrust too often.
  11. I don't know if I missed something earlier on about why WX can't tell CP her real identity and then work together from there... The no. of times she came so close to telling him who she was but decided to stop herself is just infuriating. And it's not like she doesn't have the means to prove it. I do agree that they're overdoing it in terms of beating the living daylights out of WX, but at the same time, if not for CP feeling the occasional fondness and the need to be just (albeit completely missing the mark on several occasions), I'm sure she'd be dead 10x over for the no. of times she has had to bear the responsibility for one crime or another (and then prove herself innocent). Communication is probably something both of them can work on. Personally, I'm hanging out for the character development. I can see some potential catalytic events for further development in the trailers for next week's episodes, so I'll be looking forward to that. I'm not too bothered about the general storyline anymore though, since it seems like it's suffering from the cuts somewhat. I don't fully agree with some of the other things you mentioned, but it's defo interesting to read strong viewpoints
  12. Exactly, the realism of this show is what keeps me on the edge of my seat. They haven't really pulled their punches and I haven't been emotionally challenged like this by a TV show for some time now. I love the interplay between the characters' strengths and flaws. Their good and bad traits are not laid out in this black and white manner - it just makes them that little bit more unpredictable. Or as you say, they feel real. It's like you know how they might react but there's always that surprise lurking around the corner. Trust me, I feel torn and frustrated when I have to watch them interact as well. The number of times we've been made to watch CP get so close to obtaining key clues about her identity before something inevitably distracts him is just, by this point, sadistic on the director's part. And don't even get me started on his interactions with his loving father...
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