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  1. *laughs miserably* I am still borderline obsessively stalking this page (and the rest of relevant soompi). I'm also itching to give a reply to the ongoing discussions but formulating any reply that's worth reading by you lovely lot requires more cognitive function than I can spare right now. Slightly sleep deprived and majority of brain power held hostage by work, BUT THIS SHOW STILL HAS MY LOVE. *sinks back into abyss*
  2. I think someone mentioned this before a dozen pages back, but apparently CK loved his outfits so much, he bought them all xD. This contrasted rather humourously with how the actor for Ning Cheng replied in an interview (with quite a sad-ish face) that he couldn't bring any home because they were too expensive. If I'm not misremembering, there was a little caption on the screenshots of the two different responses given at their respective interviews stating how one is clearly the boss, and the other isn't. :'3 Oh goodness.
  3. Oh good, so I'm not the only one who has been tempted into re-watching this show YET AGAIN... I even tried to re-watch some other shows that I found mildly entertaining whenever I had a bit of free time, but alas, the pull was too strong! I promptly hopped onto Netflix as soon as I was able to sit down and relax (I spent my dinner staring at the tiny screen that is my phone, obsessing over the little details). I've been following what people have been posting on various sites (here, instagram, tumblr, weibo, you name it...) and the small tidbits of information that jump out now and then just make it increasingly difficult to move on. I also found, to my delight and annoyance, that they've released more OSTs, BUT THEY'RE BLOCKED on qq... I only managed to bypass it once and they were loveelyyyy... Again, it's an absolute pleasure reading new posts! I hope to find some time to properly give my two pennies in the next few days!
  4. I remember in Nirvana in Fire, they would refer to Mei Chang Su as "Jiang Zuo Mei lang", which was translated as "Sir Mei of Jiang Zuo". I imagine it's a similar meaning here? With "liu" meaning six(th), what I'm getting from searching about for a more official translation of "lang" is 郎 láng (arch.) minister, official, noun prefix denoting function or status, a youth"
  5. I know... Pretty boys are indeed pretty, but as bad as it sounds, I practically see most pretty boys as a single entity in drama-land. My entire emotional range is literally from "huh..." to "oh..." whenever I watch one of those dramas saturated in PRETTY. Hence, I am now reluctant to watch anything else because I have been utterly spoiled by the two leads in this show, and every other cast member who put their soul and efforts into a severely underappreciated series. Out of interest, I've been looking on weibo to see what else CK was working on and found out that he has been nominated for some award. Not to my surprise, he's being outvoted by fans of Wallace Huo, who IMO has decent but not amazing acting skills. It really highlights what many of the Mainland Chinese audience appreciates nowadays.. :/ Oh well... *waves International support flag*
  6. That's a good point. If I remember correctly, there was even a scene where NY and XZY wrote down something on their palms before showing each other and NY commented that they didn't share the same heart after all (they'd written different characters). It was a nice little touch and really hinted towards what you said about them not being on the same page.
  7. Absolutely! I said before that I was mystified with NY, and that was indeed the reason why I stayed in the first place, but the side-characters helped flesh out the drama so much. This definitely made it easier to endure even the slower parts. Actually, this entire series was a whole new experience. To put it bluntly, I'm so used to side-characters being one dimensional wastes of budget that I was completely taken aback by the quality of the entire cast. I had quite a similar experience with NIF, but that was years ago, and I hadn't encountered another series that evoked similar feelings. Even other popular dramas like TMoPB seemed very shallow in comparison, fun storyline aside, ofc. If only the fandom for TRoP was larger... :'(
  8. I think this was very well-put, and you managed to vocalise the thoughts and feelings that I had an inkling of, but wasn't able to fully register or comprehend. Initially, when I started to realise just how pragmatic Xin Ziyan was, to the point where I felt mildly disturbed, I was thinking "There's no way he only views NY as a means to achieving a goal." However, I soon realised that he never seriously factored NY's happiness into the grand scheme of things. Even when he agreed to help NY rescue ZW from execution, it certainly seemed like he did so because NY would make an irreversible mistake without XZY pulling a few strings. If that happened, they would've had to kiss their dreams goodbye. I don't think I've met a side-character quite as chilling yet charismatic as XZY. He had me fooled and sitting on the fence when I was trying to figure out how much of a friend he truly was. I'm used to characters being multifaceted to the extreme, but I can't say I've encountered a character that is single-minded to the extreme and well done. His facial expressions, body language, calculated decisions (e.g. From drinking with a 'friend' when they were at their lowest, to murdering someone in cold blood), none of those things gave enough away for me to pick up a more complicated motive or drive that's tainted with self-interest. Even after having finished this series two times (once raw, and the 2nd time with subs) he is still a stranger. I can only marvel at how frighteningly complex and yet beautifully simple his character was. The actor really did a stellar job.
  9. Yee! Ninja Reflections uploaded another part of the novel ending! ;D Totally lightens up the mood.
  10. Ohhh, I think I know which one you're talking about. I was reluctant to check out the ending scene again because... :| reasons, but I think it's 爱相随 by 许鹤缤. It's also the ost that was playing whilst he was visiting Zhi Wei in prison right? Unless you mean that very intense "I'm scheming for the future" ost where he turns around and looks into the camera, cuz that is literally just the opening theme (which, I can't find ffs!)
  11. According to someone on tumblr, apparently the composer for the ost of TRoP said that they filmed 3 endings... One was that abominable one we were cursed with, the other was them talking on the cliff through their imagination (the one we see in the BTS videos) , and the third was Ning Yi achieving his goals for his empire, faking his death and leaving the throne to his younger brother and going off to marry zhi Wei, living a normal life with her. Basically, they apparently filmed the novel ending and then decided to screw their audience over... *seething with rage*
  12. Ikr? I've bloody watched some of his interviews as well , his influence is getting a bit scary. He seems like a pretty interesting person though to be fair. I like the strange combination of humility, wisdom, over-confidence (bordering on arrogance depending on how you view it), and his general optimism.
  13. Oof, that movie is just a pile of sweets! He is such an absolute dork in there!
  14. ARGGH! IKR!? My grasp of Chinese still isn't great enough to understand all the lyrics, let alone fully appreciate them. I've been walking around these days though with that one song stuck in my head, and the artist's voice lamenting "心痛又如何". It's such a raw song, and listening to it slaps me with feelz every time. Speaking of butchering, I hear Minglan has also been cursed with Hunan's involvement. After RToP, I think I may give that one a miss. >_________> By the way, didn't someone comment like several pages back that there isn't really a director's cut? Like, I've been seeing people say "GIMME THOSE 100-EPISODES!!!" on weibo but isn't it just the case that they've filmed enough material for 100 eps, but never intended to make it 100eps?
  15. Currently listening to some of the OST that's available on QQ. My work hasn't felt this intense and heartwrenching since my exams last year T____T... I'd take that second season with an alternate timeline tyvm. :$ I have seen it done before with a MUCH LESS DESERVING drama, and it's not so cheesy...
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