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  1. Oh goodness, I see... Thank you for explaining. If the character was in her 20s, I can kind of trick my mind into believing that... but 15 is just pushing it. Ah, I feel conflicted now >.<... Huh, that's weird, and slightly sad that the audience's impression of one of his roles just stuck with him lol. He's clearly a decent actor, so it's a bit of a shame. Thank you again for explaining all that <3
  2. Bloody hell how did you figure that out so quickly?! Hahahahah, and from my description of her as well, that's hilarious. Yeah! It's her, I'm really enjoying her posts about this drama, it's how I found out about ZYW being part of the cast actually. I knew Zhang Ziyi was in it but I didn't know he was a main lead too. And I agree, sometimes I feel conflicted when trying to decide whether or not I should look at the ratings on douban. They can be either very useful or just downright baffling at times. I mean, the type of drama matters as well as to how trustworthy the audience's fe
  3. I agree, it was a struggle to get through the first few episodes because the plot was so dense, but once it started unfolding and actually making sense, I was hooked. A fake documentary - that's a nice way to describe it. The cinematography and attention to detail were half the reason I stayed at the beginning, it was almost as if I was transported straight into that era, a magical feeling that I don't get much nowadays with other dramas. I think it took me a good two days to get through the first 5 episodes, and then another 3 days to finish the rest LOL. Ngl, I did really get invested into c
  4. Zhou Yi Wei, I think. I enjoyed his performance a lot in The Longest Day in Chang'an, so I'm interested in potentially starting this series. Not particularly fussed about Zhang Ziyi though.
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