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  1. Let's go I will join the group chat! BUt hopefully not Kakaotalk or whatsapp.. i dont know it really doesnt work well with my phone.. huhuh
  2. Hi Guys.,. I know it is too quiet nowadays although our fave youtube channel created us again few videos - it is tooooo sad not to see any update from our fave couple. I created a twitter account dedicated to TAEUN and I am currently working on a story about them. I hope you will follow this account and give me your feedback please!! The TITLE of the story is : SHOULD WE? https://twitter.com/AuTaeun I have already started posting the story. Hope you all like it.
  3. Good morning everyone! Thank you for this wonderful video . You should watch this! I know Faye Maaya is here as well I very nice video..
  4. huwaaahh may I know the account you are following? I want to ask Taemin hahahaha.. How is our Naeun these days wahahhaa..
  5. I am a silent follower!!! I am a shipper as well and I feel happy knowing there are Filipino out here like me who loves TAeun!!! Shemss.. Please I want to know all my fellow Filipino fans here and maybe we can get together at the Shinee Cafe one of these days?
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