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  1. This drama has been fully subbed by subs by lan_lan on facebook, to watch you have to join their private group. After clicking on groups, select the drama name and then request to join the group. You must answer all three questions to be considered, and if you are accepted then they have a no sharing and copying rule. They have about 700 + members so far, I have just submitted my request and waiting and wishing for approval, Good luck to anyone who wants to try, link below - https://www.facebook.com/Lan.Lan1920/?hc_ref=ARQ5GzyRWUrdh1Z9xj3V2zNYNw4hsC9jStYD2K2EKjgIHgM8Nx2JHLqpb6zU4sBP9mA&fref=nf&__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARAxFwf-Vq7GJgBMZvtrVFQHCMAh-hmC8-QNt0tNT0Mnvo6HZgHG-DwvJfMQg6_oova47ndeDOvcbTNLQQY0aZguIiKc73BvX1_p7hRvv8XAvbhWVwxOfbQ9P3VjEQ2Z-JZZ_awZEG8OzSLewNV3I9dRKKxyHwN-fmNGOTDopf9rZ3tT5BSambwl54E8Sc7cNBx8L85Tiel-MwCMFFoBpGjcQddC9Zt2vshxK0Cd8hmIynycybcQbOqy5_03X1UmH53NE_gdZpxMBOSvRSyjHyAKgDSJdlxQmTAZDr1PlBSis_JebV02dlkH6-3NGGZFXCRkYU9Qa7LU&__tn__=kC-R
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