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  1. Yes... I agreed Chemisstry very good... both remind me to think off Ruiwen couple. Thank you to you for keeping post pictures. it's full fill
  2. In case who can read Chinese I got the link to load the novel here http://www.txt2016.com/ebook/2013/0309/33741.html#yuedu
  3. I really want to read novel in English.. must have beautiful word around ..
  4. please follow this 橙橙 Orange Biscuit on facebook. He upload eng. sub ( 3 ep. ) in there after get lost all ep. of guardian eng. sub on DM
  5. Today.... I just received Make you mine book. It good that book still available for sale. And.... a little photo book... I found this cute picture. Who is this guy in the picture?
  6. Hi This couple not look like brotherhood at all for me in this film. Both Bai Yu and ZYL.... chemistry >> good eyes contact>>> perfects. I had learn alot from Ruiwen.. hahaha.. Good to met you her too. I really would like to know.. Novel make it happy ending or not.
  7. Hi everyone here. I just follow Guardian a few days ago. After watch 8 ep. ( till to lastnight uploaded from youku.com) I would like to say... for me, the chemistry of ZYL and CW far from brotherhood in the drama. who will wait someone in thousand years. Brotherhood not shy when someone stare on you eyes Thank you for this forum. I getting fall in love with this drama now.
  8. Good Morning everyone. Today I have 2 news. 1. MR. has self-designed T-shirt ..... The rain , The Monday from his book in English He printed on T-shirt. This may available for sale. I'm waiting for some big fan in weibo reply when will on sale. (Forgive me. I do not know how to attach picture here.) 2. Recommend New BL web-drama . Guardian or 镇魂 quite cute couple 40 EP. upload new EP. every Mon. - Sat. Here the link from Youku https://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMzY2MDI5NDM0MA==.html?spm=a2h0k.11417342.soresults.dposter here is the link who make Eng. sub
  9. @meifang89 Thank you for warm welcome. so sorry for late reply. I lost from soompi for a while. Thank you for the link of XB'song
  10. Hi every members in this Forum. I am new here. I have to say Thank you to everyone here for keep post about f UL and Ruiwen ( I am really like to call The legend of Ruiwen ) I just finish my mission... Read this forum 195 pages. ( start from 25May 2018) @fingersandpaws you really really done a great work. you are the best Shipper I ever seen. Thank you million time.your post , your work never die. @Deltos Thank you for you photos gallery of MR. most are great ///////////////////////////// Late love.... one from 3 novels from Lan Lin. Which story line connect from UL and ARTTL If everyone can get the novel... I recommend to read Late love. ( story of Ke Lao and Xiao Nian 's brother, Mr. Lee ) Late love quite funny that Mr.Lee who love Ke Lao want to be 攻める (semeru) but have to be 受ける (ukeru) with Ke Lao lol..... Oh and many bed scene. And...... Shaoye and Xiao Nian almost break up ( Poor Xiao Nian..again ) Late now... Good Night & Good Morning everyone Hope someone will get back to this forum and Miss Ruiwen again and again. Ruiwen Nver die. 晚安 Wǎn'ān Oh...forgive me for my poor English. I did not use English as Main language
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