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  1. speaking of preview wasn't it nice to see WB concerned about YJ knowing too many high ranking officials? But he is right though 1 wrong move and it could fatal for her. but it just makes me think that there is something that gives her the confidence to do what she does without a flinch of an eye. This is intriguing and i love it.....
  2. I love this drama, really enjoying the mystery and the main leads. What i find interesting about Hiroshi is he is so mysterious that i would not be surprised if the storyline about his past would be he is actually from Joseun but raised by Japanese parents hence why he raised YJ to keep her Korean identity -it was mentioned several times in the drama Hiroshi raised her with Korean speaking helpers etc. I would soooo love it if this was true because he has that sort of wickedness where you want him to be loved in the end. Theres definitely more to his story that i am looking forward to finding out.
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