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  1. I don't want to disagree but I think they already did date but now they are probably on comfortable phase of being in a relationship. Still rooting for spartace though
  2. This makes my Spartace heart flutters really!! Thank you for this these are the moments that I actually root and believe that they are each special someone
  3. Sorry but I just want to let you know . Sorry I won't bring it up anymore but let's Spartace shipper stronger!
  4. This is so heart fluttering and funny at the same time. Whoever edit that has a true spartce heart!!!
  5. I'm sorry but I guess it's better for you to post on KJK and SJH's forum separately if you are being neutral. Because this forum is for Spartace shippers. I'm not trying to be a snob or what but everytime I read something here and it's not about shipping the spartace it really makes me feel 'meh' like why am I reading this sort of things. Also I noticed the post of @Adora Dark about byul and JSM (it was on hidden content) i mean I read it all and there was nothing about the spartace in there. To be honest I don't know if some people here are legitimately shipping for Spartace or just want to post something. I'm sorry but that's just what I notice.
  6. Is this for real? Will you let me know if this is really happening?
  7. Will they show the whole Performance of RM fan meeting next week?
  8. This just makes my Spartace shipper heart flutter!!! I just have the feeling that if in any case that spartace are in real relationship and they want it to be private because of so many reasons. RM members which are their real friends are protecting them. SJH and KJK are famous entertainer and they cant have normal life or go out in a public to show their affection for each other because people will have different opinions (career will be at stake). They might just want their close friends wants to know about their relationship. And I think that's perfectly fine . I mean we all have the right to have our personal life to be private. SJH and KJK are public figures but then even just that piece of their personal life (relationship) is okay to be private. I will always ship for Spartace and I won't let any negativity ruin my thought towards spartace. Thanks for posting this video!
  9. Enlighten me spartace shippers. What is the big deal if SJH recieved a rice wreath during fan meeting? Sorry for my ignorance but I don't understand what is wrong with that? I'm sure SJH appreciates whatever her the fans gives her .
  10. I remember that episode and also with that same episode, right in the beginning KJK was touching SJH's hip to back up. I thought that was unusual for KJK and no one does that to SJH . It has been always just a teasing moment between SJH and KG when KG was still in RM. But there were no Subtle affection that spartace has. Also I get it you can be really caring for your friend, but the way KJK shows his care to SJH is different. There's like a spark between them
  11. To change the atmosphere of this forum since all the topic is so intense between spartace and for some reason i don't know why So min is part of this topic or some other toxicity that comes with it - Spartace shippers should not really entertain this argument. Because we all know what to believe and we should not be affected right? So anyways my question to my fellow spartace shippers "what moment in running man that started for you guys to ship spartace"? I'm sure there's a lot of moment but just give me the initial moment the very first moment that made you guys think that they can be a good couple. Sorry to change the topic but I can't just tolerate the negativity that are trying to invade this forum
  12. Jk non-verbal reaction and body language says it all. I think she found it cute and funny on SJH's answer. They are really suitable for each other. #spartaceforever
  13. Hi spartace shippers! How are you guys doing? It has been so long the last time I wrote here. I was really busy with school and now I finally have time to join in again! I still watch RM and I am still looking forward and observing Spartace interactions I just wanna check in with you guys! I'm enjoying reading so far! Still rooting for spartace all the way!
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