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  1. Hi everyone, haven't been here for so long but I feel like sharing this photo I found My otp ohvely and lee seung gi (oops I mean Sailor Moon & Tuxedo Mask. Anyway they are just cosplaying characters off a show right? Just like Samjang & Son Oh Gong, haha silly shippers.)
  2. If gazing at someone is haram, they have sinned before anything has started. But they are award winning actors and actresses, they are just faking a chemistry for ratings right??? Heard people insulting them for their acting anyway, so they must be showing real emotions??? Whatever float the boats. Interpret it in whatever way you want. (Inserts seung gi gazing at yeon seo photo)
  3. That huge gap between ma wang and oh gong is what @iffahmm will call the halal gap right? Wait.... shouldn't the halal gap be between oh gong and samjang? Nevermind, oh gong and samjang have already done the haram stuff. BUT STILL! Leaning towards and looking only at the lady you just met not long ago and ignore the bruther you have known for years! (If I were I were him I'd do the same too) HEYY I SEE CHICKEN SEUNG GI !! @intrariver What a beautiful photo you've got there my friend.
  4. ahjumma the things you say are so so so good, it's words like this that sets you apart from silly immature shipper like me respect respect, big respect. ahjumma how did you understand seung gi's feelings so well? Did you have similar experience that requires you to emphasise that you've moved on? Is it that frustrating? Also, I love your quotes ahjumma, please keep them coming. Always love having you around here because your insights on love and relationships are unrivalled among us little kids here I'm becoming a fan of you now haha please continue sharing more life nuggets. Since I'd accidentally turned the page:
  5. When lovely ohvely posts a photo of love from her visit to the city of love two weeks ago at the same time her love is posting photos on instagram: Hello, you people see it as a pink heart, but ohvely sees it as seung gi nampyeon ok. How is it not obvious by now that pink hearts = ohvely. Seung Gi has been lovingly displaying these obvious hints on national TV so many times, it's very obvious to us 503 shippers that it's representing their love for each other. ^I meant to post this instead of that esther bunny, but ohvely loves esther and esther loves you.
  6. our lovely ohvely kept her actual bling bling in a safe @haymochi crowy do you also collect emoji bling bling? oops accidentally turned the page, anyone want to see something fun?
  7. Can someone explain to me the significance of centrum? Because as far as I know, centrum is just another vitamin brand. Oh, ohvely is the vitamin.... kk
  8. of course ahjumma is not a pervert sharing this video only because ohvely looks exceptionally lovely here. is this the view seung gi wakes up to every morning? ahjumma do you also look this lovely when you wake up after a strenuous night?
  9. namjachingu > nampyeon > aegi appa ahjumma is this how babies are made? Look at that shooting star in the video (or the star candy, or my eye candy). Doesn't the voice over make you feel like you are invading their privacy? (this is my attempt at making you click the video to give it views)
  10. seonsaengnim!! I thought the heart is an organ inside the body to pump blood and keep us alive, why are they wearing their hearts outside for the world to see? You mean people who love love each other wears symbolic shapes on their body to signify they are love love with each other? Is it what you call a couple telepathy or copy cat? No worries my love, I am so happy my story telling time managed to help my fellow friend feel enlighten about current affairs. Yes my story refers to Jin Seon Mi, yet at the same time hints at Yeon Seo too. I love to tell stories! Especially when I can make my audience captivated, joyful and informed If reading my story distorts reality for you, watching this video can help relieve any identity crisis you are going through at the moment. Just saying: click bait. Also just saying I'm not trying to offend, just spreading love.
  11. I can't imagine any other way to interpret this. Coincidence is god's way of remaining anonymous and we have so much concrete parallels going on here. One parallel for their fantasy story and another for their real story.
  12. kopikosong story telling time: Uninterested parties can close the window or skip through this post like it's an advert. Can you see the constellation that is being drawn in the sky? That's the constellation named Lyra. Lyra represents the musical instrument Lyre that belongs to a musician name Orpheus. Who is this Orpheus and how is he related to our story? Orpheus fell in love and married the love of his life, Eurydice. Alas, someone didn't fancy Eurydice very well and in the mist of attacking her, had her killed with a poisonous snake. Dead Eurydice obviously belongs to the underworld now (see the parallel with Samjang being attacked and sent to the underworld), and Orpheus was torn by the lost of his woman. Hence, he decided to visit the underworld to bring his wife back to him. (SEE?) ^I know hwayugi's ending stopped there, allowing us to interpret the ending in whatever way we want. If hwayugi's story continue based on their story, Orpheus would have lost Eurydice on the way back to the mortal world because he missed her too much. Well, what a bummer. Orpheus would then spent the rest of his lifetime living alone, refusing to bait his eye at another other woman (wow so son oh gong). Orpheus would finally get to reunite with his Eurydice when he died, while his Lyre was decidedly placed in the sky. (Oh Gong has a fly swatter too you know) In case you didn't know, the meaning of constellation is a collection of stars that represents something. In this scenario, the constellation Lyra represents a string instrument called the Lyre. Within this group of stars, the brightest star among them is known as Vega. Sounds familiar? Vega is one of the two stars I mentioned many post ago that represents a Chinese love story. Along with Altair, both stars are said to only meet once a year on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month, with the milky way separating them for the rest of the year by the orders of Vega's father (the emperor). Lazy to make new gifs, but Vega in this scenario refers to the lady and Altair is the guy. Seung Gi said "Of all the stars we have been looking for, you became the brightest star now." Drawing parallels from this story, the girl's father (the emperor *cough*) tried to separate them but Yeon Seo (Vega) became the brightest star now. Wow that reference here. Having been resorted to once a year meeting now, of course Seung Gi (Altair) has to tell her to wait for him and that he will find her right? Just like Vega and Altair's waiting game, we are also doing the waiting game. I'm fine with it since the suspense makes the heart grown fonder. So be patient and enjoy the photos/ updates our otp are sharing in the meantime ok? You have come to the end of kopikosong story telling time, thanks for reading. If you enjoyed this story, please remember to like, subscribe and comment down below why you love otp so much.
  13. I have a theory that ohvely is in seunggi's heart Sudden 503 shipper feels today so here's some gifs from me to you people here She was afraid you steal her ring
  14. Gosh haven't been here in a while and so many pages have turned. What happened today? Ohvely was alive and on VLive? Thank goodness, almost called the police for her. No shiny bling bling on her fingers but she has shiny bling bling on her ears. I don't want to. Why should I? How much will you give me? Even if you give me 500 won I won't say ok. Just kidding, I love you and ohvely. Still wondering if ohvely managed to fetch some souvenirs for her little fanboy back at home. *cough twice* *cough what is love*
  15. Have to agree @cutestrobery ahjumma is a kind and patient ahjumma. But ahjumma also a bit pervert. No wonder she has 2 kids.
  16. Oooohh what will your parents think? "I see Estrellita sweetie wants a little sibling to play with, should we give her one?" "Poor kids, no money to drink water so drinking each other saliva." "Are they teething? Why they gnawing so hard?"
  17. Ahjumma so you mean mummy and daddy kiss kiss can make baby? if I kiss my cats and dogs can I get kittens and puppies too?
  18. Back when I used to have a lot of time on hand, I did watch WGM and one of my favourite couple back then had a mission to "show off their couple ring" on live broadcast. Maybe seung gi is doing something like that, his girlfriend gave him the mission to show off the bracelet as much as he can, or maybe Mr Showoff is just trying to showoff his shiny shiny bracelet (girlfriend). No reason to buy and wear a love bracelet if you have no one to wear it for you right?
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