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  1. Hi everyone, haven't been here for so long but I feel like sharing this photo I found My otp ohvely and lee seung gi (oops I mean Sailor Moon & Tuxedo Mask. Anyway they are just cosplaying characters off a show right? Just like Samjang & Son Oh Gong, haha silly shippers.)
  2. If gazing at someone is haram, they have sinned before anything has started. But they are award winning actors and actresses, they are just faking a chemistry for ratings right??? Heard people insulting them for their acting anyway, so they must be showing real emotions??? Whatever float the boats. Interpret it in whatever way you want. (Inserts seung gi gazing at yeon seo photo)
  3. That huge gap between ma wang and oh gong is what @iffahmm will call the halal gap right? Wait.... shouldn't the halal gap be between oh gong and samjang? Nevermind, oh gong and samjang have already done the haram stuff. BUT STILL! Leaning towards and looking only at the lady you just met not long ago and ignore the bruther you have known for years! (If I were I were him I'd do the same too) HEYY I SEE CHICKEN SEUNG GI !! @intrariver What a beautiful photo you've got there my friend.
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