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  1. @standingtallyy HAHAHAHA you are so funny (pervy ) I love this scene so much. Look at the skips in her steps and all the love radiating out of her smile. Ok fine now that you said it, Jeongwon must be drinking a cold drink to cool down after a steamy session with Gyeoul. Wait, but shouldn't Gyeoul be cold cold? He can just hug her ????? Just go for it???
  2. @standingtallyy sorry I just so happened to have my netflix on so I had to make this gif for you. The reason why they are sweating is because they tend to turn up the temperature of the operating theatre during paediatric surgery so the little kid will not go into hypothermia during the operation. Still, I thought its romantic that their first date involves something both of them are so passionate about, which is working hard to keep their little patient healthy.
  3. The last scene of mama Rosa and Gyeoul got me. Seeing her tears while speaking to Gyeoul, I can feel the sincerity of Mama Rosa desperately trying all her means to get her son to stay. I think Gyeoul was very shock and confused in this scene because no one knew when Jeongwon was planning to leave (even his own friends don't know yet), so obviously Gyeoul wouldn't know about it either. So this would have come as a surprised to her since she knew Jeongwon has thoughts about leaving but she wouldn't have guess that he already made the plans to leave. If Mama Rosa had to intervene then things must be pretty serious with Jeongwon's plans. Now Gyeoul must be so confused because she thinks she isn't special to Jeongwon so how is she going to approach him to stop him from leaving. *screams internally because I'm so worried for Gyeoul as well* (Ok I know the preview shows her asking him out) Anyway, the colour filter became really warm in contrast with the previous scene, which I thought made it extra sentimental and special about Mama Rosa seeking Gyeoul out. It's as if she's entrusting her little boy, which is also both her hope and dreams, into Gyeoul's hand and I really wish Gyeoul can accomplish it for her (for Mama Rosa and for herself).
  4. Hello everyone! It's my first time posting here *smiles like a shy winter* I'm so so so grateful for all your posts here. Seriously though!! This is my face when I'm reading all your posts!! Not sure if anyone feels the same way but this was the moment I knew this ship is heading somewhere: Jeongwon admitted he wanted to pick Gyeoul !!!!!! But he is trying to be a priest ok, poor boy stuck between his first love and first love. (I hope you will make up your mind by next week. Don't make us wait for one year please.) He can pick Chu Min Ha too, but he's explaining so much. Someone's definitely guilty here. Anyway, our winter garden is too precious and I'm so happy there are people out there who can see things for what they are. By the way thanks for subbing @im0202 I really appreciate all the work you put in to tide me through the week