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  1. 11 minutes ago, marshemell0ws said:

    Bittersweet as we come to an ending tomorrow. I need closure. At least we know the wrap up party is tomorrow and it's TWO HOURS (almost) long so hopefully the writer will not pull anything dumb.


    I voted in the poll for an ending in Switzerland because It's what I've believed from minute one. But I refuse to have an open ending. 

    The writer has almost two hours, she can make a good conclusion for an excelent drama. 

    Indeed, I hope she'll use the last epilogue to show us their lifetimes in the future.

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  2. The name of this drama could have been "goodbye" because It's what the main couple is always saying to each other :(.


    I think in this scene they'll say it for the last time (we've seen some spoiler pics, so we know they'll see each other).




    After that, something happens in NK, maybe RJH's father will help them.




    I think at the end (although I hope It won't be at the end of the episode), they'll meet each other again and they'll live "happy ever after". I can't imagine a sad ending for them. 

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  3. I'm so frustrated about the last scene...-_-

    I think the PD wanted to show us a beautiful sad scene: JH crying for a injured SR who could be dead. And after that, the ducklings appear and they start to cry too. It's supposed to be touching but all I could think in that moment was: "Call an ambulance or take her to a hospital!". I know maybe the police will want to make him some questions but she's the love of your life!


    Anyway, It's episode 13. We know SR doesn't die.

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