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  1. *delurking* Speaking of fanfics.. I need an update with those fanfics. ..been waiting forever. *gets back in a little silent submarine*
  2. Shall I delurk? Lol I'm loving the gifts and throwback pictures. I just finished back reading on page 50 onwards ('cause I got curious. Haha~), and I gotta say... that was some hot topic! Anyways, thank you y'all for staying here... <3
  3. I want to see Lee Min Ho (which i think is not possible right now because he's in MS) or Joo Won (in MS too. lol) again but in modern setting... I would be okay with Lee Dong Wook or Gong Yoo too. Well whoever, I'll still be looking forward for OYS's next drama. So glad i was able to download that 50 shades fmv before it was taken down. lol.
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