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  1. OYS is playing in a place like this. There are many such Hanok homestays in Korea. I hope she can show us more photos. https://imgur.com/2jUCEbf
  2. @cikbie572 Not like in Japan. The location of the OYS station should be Hanok Village in South Korea. I am just wondering if OYS is traveling again.
  3. I know a lot about Japanese culture. Therefore, the hotel where OYS lives is also very famous in the local area. It is a five-star hotel. It takes only 10 minutes by car to eat with LSG.
  4. One thing is very interesting. LSG eats barbecue in a Japanese restaurant. (from IG) OYS eats shaved ice at a Japanese restaurant. (from IG deleted) The two stores are only 400 meters away. Are they eating barbecue together and then taking a walk to eat shaved ice?
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