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  1. Hi to all of you and happy new year!! I think I joined this forum too late but I am having serious withdrawal syndrome from this couple (even though today was the last ep) I really loved thr behind the scenes and the kisses! The chemistry was so good seriously I havent seen kisses so "real" in kdramas. I am just kinda bummed because the ratings were so low and I couldnt comprehend why, both leads are very good actors... maybe it was the developing of the history that lacked? I was hoping that this drama hit daebak so I could see photos from Cebu T.T I hope this thread never fades!!! It was interesting reading your povs about certain topics that were not touched/developed more deeply into the storyline.. Aside from that I was so surprised when I saw this video of kyj in 2d1n from 0:23 to 1:26 all I could think was yks lol
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