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  1. EP 100 already, ouch, normally it will remain 20 episodes and not yet a kiss between our two leads ?? it's the first time that in such a drama it's as long, ok it's the story that wants it yet the second couples are already together
  2. POOR SW, with JM, they were so close, I hope to see JM forgive her Oddly enough, if I were in SW's place, I was not going to believe what TY would say to me, I'd say I was surprised TY would forgive me LOL. At present, I know that there is a lot of love between them, but they have each slept with other people for many years, it is only me that it shocks a little? lol
  3. i love this show too, the lead female and her friends are so funny. THE plot is sometimes very sad, the romance very realistic, just the ex boyfriend of lead female in this drama is so sexy and very hot , shame that she love other guy but it's the life, i like a lot this drama
  4. I must be the only one who does not like this likely future couple, I liked to see MS in love with Jenny, chemistry between jenny and him is so perfect on fire, I would have wanted a real love triangle in this drama, when we do not ask for a love triangle, there has, and on the contrary when there is no love triangle we want. In any case, MS deserves to be happy he suffered so much
  5. I do not agree, certainly he is obsessed with SW, but I see that he really loves JM, ok his relationship with JM is not perfect but what a relationship is perfect in this world
  6. maybe a new woman for KI?? KI seems really loves JM, it's very sad the whole situaton
  7. At the same time it's obvious, I do not see her becoming a princess and continue her job, it's the opposite no, she'll just continue to have to work very hard
  8. I wonder how JM will react to the truth, I know he loves TY as a father, but despite everything will be a shock, KI loves JM despite everything. All these stories about parental rights over JM during divorce is unfortunate, I know that in this story 'there is too much resentment and anger, hatred, but it can have two fathers; I know that some families do not see each other more anymore, and I know that TY wants to find his son that he did not raise, I still hope that KI will resume and that the writers will not leave KI at the end of this drama leaving JM as if he had never been his father.
  9. I THINk so, about a time jung, there will be a young adult JM, i hope that SW and JM will meet in USA, she need her child. Maybe a new woman wil come for KI, he'll be maried I don't think that SW and TY will be together now, maybe after poor TY
  10. So EJ is really pregnant??? she slept really with dong joo?? i said that he's drunk, but this drama make me confused, always the same mistakes
  11. it's nice to see that we see the same drama and read your different points of view. Honestly, if TY's daughter dies or gets hurt because of her horrendous people, TY will want revenge and I'm sure it will be a terrible war. But does not stop it's horrible to see the grandpapa do not know that TY is his biological grandson, he talks about him as if he wanted to get rid of it, it's horrible to see that YT wants to take revenge on his own family without knowing it. all this story is a real mess and poor jimin, if he's really gone to usa there will inevitably be another jump in time and they will bring us a young adult Jimin, I do not see the reveal on TY's family without him. I think at the beginning I had a little pity on KI but now he is horrile but he really liked SW can not in the right way, and she? I found her rather hypocritical, she slept with KI to have his child, it would have been interesting enough if the baby had survived and see the tear between SW and KI Someone mentioned that maybe we'll see SW's biological family, um I'm not sure
  12. Frankly I loved the first two episodes, it's rare on my part, I found it terribly good, especially the part where he sings and she laughs then sleeps, it looks like a beautiful hisory of love goes see the day. But the mystery surrounding our lead female remains intact, I guess the guy believes that she really killed his brother and she is guilty, I guess the girl that wanted to introduce his brother is not the lead female but the plague that likes taking the guys from other girls, in any case he wants to know the truth. I wonder if we will not see moral harassment, will be hurt after such beautiful scenes in the first two episodes. Then I'm happy to see the organization of an orchestra in a drama, for the other characters to see,
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