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  1. So young Man and Kyung in will meet and work together as predicted, lol, I can not wait to see the evolution of their love stories will be very funny like these characters; Otherwise poor jenny, where she will start to rebel really she is likely to suffer much her fake mother really terrifying, this woman is the devil and man soo it was devastated and so cute, I wanted to take him in my arms and to chew him
  2. I agree, I would like it, but it seems to me that the twin is in love with Li DONG, I have the impression that unfortunately he will end up with the twin. our heroine will surely finish with the other moron (male lead) lol
  3. Not so surprised by this romantic romance, it takes a little more drama in a drama; she will find him lazy at first, he will find her too authoritarian, then she will begin to find qualities and begin to be moved, then she will counter her true identity and grieves but she is already in love with him, finally he will start to change and love will win despite the family But lol here the ex-husbands will end up in the same family, so kyung in will think so saying to herself that her husband is the ex husband of her sister-in-law, so funny
  4. Just see the last episode, it is me or Kyung In is interested in Songh's ex-husband, because of the way she only asks the questions and Song Ah's mother speaks negatively about it, pairing happens. I think it might be interesting if the scenarists put young man and Kyung In together; On the one hand, the mother of young man will be furious that he is going to a poor girl, on the other hand the brother of Kyung In will be upset and shocked to know that this is the ex-husband of the woman whose he fell in love, and on the side of Song Ah I just think she will be a little upset at first. In the end the redemption of young man can be done in relation to the death of his daughter, we have not shown what he has felt so far but Kyung In will be there to see
  5. I find it interesting to see your different opinions on the possibility that Kyung In and Young man dating together. It's a good thing that in this kind of drama they always try to put together still characters. Personally I would be surprised to see them together, but it's no coincidence that during this last episode we were shown the boy during the conversations of the two girls I think he's likely to change and become a better man, anyway, we've seen worse lol, where he usually says that a man can change through a woman
  6. I do not see what they can find as inspiration, we have already seen everything, infidelity, betrayal, second led syndrome, madness, murders, baby exchanges, violence, revenge etc. lol
  7. I have the impression that everyone here underestimates LYJ In any case it's not the first time that all eyes are turned on her, I do not worry about her; she is bluebird and well prepared and very smart. I'm sure she's suspicious of miki Speaking of miki, she is excellent lol Otherwise for fukada, with the ambition and the intelligence that he has, it would surprise me a lot that it does not suspect LYJ for a long time As the drama unfolds, I suppose we'll see other traits of characters, for KWB, I do not think he will die now FOR THE SHIP FUADA AND LYJ, i'm here until the last episode, i know, it's bad, maybe fukada fukada will sleep with miki and use her even more without loving her
  8. SO esther is always there, at home with them, I will never have imagined watching the first episodes see esther in the family at the end of this drama, sacred scriptwriters i love them
  9. just see episode in raw, good chemistry between two leads the young reporter does not seem to drop the story, she'd better be careful shady mom is crazy, so crazy, so by the preview in the next episode, she's going to hit jenny
  10. that's what I had stressed too, unfortunately I think the end will be like that, all the bad guys forgiven and they'll all be part of the same family. Oh, I'm sure there will be some redemption stories in the end, that's how it is
  11. I wonder if Fukada would not be the big bad guy at the end of the drama. Maybe YJ will have to marry him, he'll be happy, but when YJ's identity is revealed, she'll run away with KWB, and there fukada feeling humiliated and betrayed will chase them to kill them. Personally I do not think there will be a happy ending FOR Miki, it can be seen right away that she will end up causing problems for YJ, her jealousy towards her starts to rise again and again I like a lot this drama all lead are sexy and handsome
  12. Just about his sister, I have the impression that if she continues to provoke shady mom, she may die, maybe that's the reason why her brother will finally help his boss to catch this woman.?! If not clearly shady mom does not like jenny, it was obvious that she had kidnapped her, she uses jenny to live well and she is abusive even leaves to mistreat without jenny without making final count as and when the truth is liberated, jenny will suffer a great deal, especially as she is a public figure;... the ex husband of Song Ah is really cute and sexy, it's a shame that the actor plays a role in this drama I'm shocked to see that Song Ah takes all the blame for the death of their daughter,
  13. Now, I think this richard simmons has been hit, he's seriously attracted to her, she felt it and now tries to make it flinch, it's no longer a quetion of time before he goes to sleep with her may be she going to get pregnant and will surely be one of the causes of the divorce but she is deceitful, it seems to me that she has a guy with whom she often sleeps
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