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  1. Yes I was being silent lurker kkk I'm still afraid to other co-shawols to talk about members being shipped to other idols they might bully me or something hahahah,or even bash taemin and naeun(because I'm a fan of both and their groups)...but gladly my classmate which also a shawol was fangirling(lowkey)shipping taeun...of course it is normal for us both to feel jealous for our idol having a virtual marriage but in the end we truly happy that T & N met^^  I really felt their sincerity for each other. Since then,I keep watching their wgm episodes,every skinship they had,I screammmmmmm! hihihi

    I think I became a official shipper right after the day of their 4th anniversary.


    and sorry in advance,if my grammar is bad hehehe~

    yet,I'm still not done finishing all the pages:wacko:

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  2. hello I'm new in this forum~  I'm a Filipino kkk~I'm 15 yrs. old~
     hope you guys take care of me well^^~ I'm pretty excited to read all the pages here:D:lol: Been few months since I'm planning to make an account just for this forum hihihi but unfortunately my phone doesnt want me to sign up here -___- But today,gladly I made it...with my laptop.So from this then,I'll start reading all of it hihihi~ 



    btw I'm 1 year old TAEUN shipper ^^

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