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  1. @122am love your post. And hear hear indeed. Life will always throw us curve balls and at the third charm phase, it is indeed very different to how one planned it in their teens / twenties. Like you, I too wish for more meaningful scenes of JY and YJ as we head into the final two episodes next week. I love these two characters to bits. As individuals but more so when together. 

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  2. Love reading all your thoughts. But for now, I'm pulling myself out of my slight depression by rewatching the earlier episodes. :) 

    Just want to add that it's possible to love someone (as YJ did/does JY) but yet be "swayed" or attracted to another man such as Ho Chul. Ho Chul's confidence, maturity and success (not to mention good looks) make him one hell of an attractive man. And because life works in mysterious ways, it's also humanly possible to get married, have a kid, be happy and yet still love JY somewhere in her (YJ) heart of hearts. 


    p.s. I wish we had another 6 episodes, and are not heading into the final two next week. There is sooooooo much more story left untold. And however the ending is, i feel it is too rushed. Or maybe I am simply not ready to bid JY, YJ and the lot farewell. I have loved, cried, and laughed with the characters for the past couple of months. And honest to goodness, although it cannot be so in real life, I just want a happily ever after ending for all. 

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  3. I endure the passing of the long week just to await new episodes of the third charm. But for the third week running, the drama has left me drained, depressed, disappointed and wanting to tear my hair out of sheer frustration at how badly the writers have messed up a gem of the drama they had. Why so much misfortune in a rom com?? To say it mirrors the realities of life is also a joke. I have not come across another person who had encountered the same seemingly never ending string of mishaps and bad fortune that has befallen YJ and her family, and now JR too. We are only left with two more episodes. How can the writers reconcile and salvage it now??  Is it bad if I just want a happily ever after kdrama ending for our OTP?? And the other characters too?  제발 

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  4. Whatever others might feel and I still love JY most. I do like Ho Chul and can feel his genuine love for YJ and their daughter. He is also suffering a bad fate at the hands of the writers. I would have liked to see their backstory, especially how he finally won YJ's heart. Third charm is really not charming at all. Feels like they spent it all on the first and second charm part. 

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  5. Hello all,

    Just wanted to drop in and say thanks for all your analysis; I enjoy and appreciate all your writing and thoughts on the characters. I love this drama, but (especially after ep 11 and 12), i don't like where the story is heading. I feel that the writers have not been too kind and fair to our female lead, YJ. They show JY's growth and his sacrifices in details, but leave us in the dark about YJ's thoughts, her struggles and pains. Yes - YJ's story might be shown in ep 13. But that's leaving everything too late. We had 12 episodes to get intimate with JY, while YJ is almost always painted in a selfish light. We never really got to know her. At this point in time, I'm inclined to think that the writers' mission is to designate YJ as an icon of misfortunes, what with all the unhappy events in her life. 


    My other grouse. Most of the story are told through JY's POV, endearing us to JY (not that it's hard with SKJ in top form, making me love JY to bits). Plus we have a likeable, affable Office Min, who actively pursues and makes the efforts with JY. That's why we've most netizens rooting for JY to just live happily ever after with her. But I still like YJ. As many of you have already mentioned, the death of a child is an experience that most parents can never recover from. I signed up for a light-hearted rom-com, not a dark, depressive melodrama - so please turn the storyline back into how it started, where we started out investing our emotions and rooting for our OTP to be together. 

    Peace out. Only wanted to unload how i feel about the drama. xx


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  6. 23 minutes ago, missirina said:


    You'll have to upload the picture to a image hosting site (I usually use imgur(.)com), get the direct link (ending in png or bmp...), go to "insert other media" at the bottom of your post editor, choose "insert image from url" and paste the link. That should do it. It's the same with gifs, but the link must end with gif.


    I've taken the liberty to share the picture from your link here hope you don't mind: 



    Thanks @missirina. Re-examining the image again. The 'white face mask' could also be the reflected illumination from the phone's light. Haha. I am so failing in my CSI role. Wish I had better tech skills!  :w00t:


    What do our other 503 chingus think? White mask. Or reflected illumination from phone? ^_^ 

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  7. 16 minutes ago, missirina said:


    Haha well the picture is not that clear so we can't tell for sure. But if you look at the paler outline (compared to the darker background) that looks like arms that extends upwards, that naturally brings the phone a bit higher than chest area, and more likely near the face. This is also apparent from the difference in color tones of the supposed-phone and the brighter supposed-facemask.


    ps: can't believe we are discussing images from a person's eyes right now lol. I feel like CSI now :D

    Ditto. Feels like a scene right out of CSI. 




    Sorry, I don't know how to insert an image directly into the post. 

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  8. 7 minutes ago, missirina said:

    It could either be a mask, or its the phone that OYS's companion is holding while taking the picture like @iffahmmmentioned previously. 


    Edit: On second thought, looking at the picture again it does seem like a face mask especially the wide white outline that runs from ear to ear of the person.


    The phone is below the white face mask, and at the chest level. :D

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  9. 3 minutes ago, iffahmm said:

    It would be nice to give it a try but wouldn't the phone or camera obstruct LSG's face even if we do get a clearer view of the reflection in OYS' eyes ? :o If someone wants to give it a try though, please do. It sounds fun. :D

    I see the body outline that resembles LSG; the person is wearing a white shirt and beige pants. Or my delulu mind is playing tricks on me. :P

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  10. Does anyone have confirmation of the dates OYS was in Japan? I find it telling / 'suspicious' that LSG agency missed out on the airport photo opportunity when he flew to Japan for his FM. The official statement is that they miscommunicated the dates, that's why no media was there to take pictures of LSG. Could it be... just maybe... that it was all intentional and he flew out to Japan with OYS together!? :)

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  11. Okay, here is what my overactive delulu mind has been thinking....


    1. KB was a choice fit for the dating news to deflect attention from uri 503 couple. He was up for military services anyway, which means there is no opportunity for actual dating or be caught with dating photos. Till today we have not seen a single photo of him with OYS surface.

    2. Military service is a convenient/perfect excuse for a couple to break up. It is almost a given in korean entertainment world. Only exception being Rain and Kim Tae Hee. We will probably not hear any news of this sort until KB has ended his services. During which time, our OTP can date under the radar (!?)

    3. Perhaps when we hear wedding bells, the story can go that LSG got closer and helped nurse OYS's broken heart as they were friends since Hwayugi days. 

    4. Can u tell I've watched too much k-dramas? 

    5. Putting point 4 aside, do any of you think there is an inch of a truth or possibility with what I've outlined in point 1-3? :D


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