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  1. so after seeing newest ig picture from our lovely otp i had a thoughts about cat and dog person. from what i read cat tend to had introvert personality while dog tend to extrovert. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/tech-support/201501/3-things-being-cat-person-or-dog-person-reveals-about-you well this might not be 100% accurate, as other personality test but can help to figure out the big picture about other people personalities well, i myself tend to be cat person though lol. but sometimes i could be sweet as dog person too
  2. Hi guys oys and lsg both are nominated in tvnjoyfest. Don't forget to vote them!! And also hwayugi as our fave drama. Here is the link http://tvnjoyfest.tving.com/2018/Vote/Day
  3. her following list is slowly decreased now. from 114 (if im not mistaken) when hwayugi was airing until now become 108. she has unfollowed 6 account
  4. hello guys! seems that lately we are get an exciting news over and over again hehe. Yesterday i just go on naver looking at our lovely otp profile and i found that their profile picture has same theme b&w. gonna share picture here but i didn't know how to put picture except through url?? Any ideas?
  5. @muishami sure! i also got surprised after reading that tweet. They'll super easy to know each other through him guess? Hehe
  6. Hi everyone. Been busy with all my college task last month. Thankyou for still giving us news. Whether seunggi's fm, oys ig update. Anything! Oh well i want to share that i found that singer and song writer jung joonyoung is a close friend from our otp. He was mentioned lsg and oys name in his program salty tour. Along with moon chae won and other 3. https://twitter.com/yoseopslight/status/1016264306017460224
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