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  1. Lolllllll and both posts seem to be late posts of old photos! We know lsg has been back for a while now and been spotted filming mith. Oys is finally sharing some photos from Paris. This couple is hinting something to us?? HA! These two
  2. Omg!!! That caption is so out of lsg character! Guess it’s true, you tend to become and act like the person you’re with!!! Cough cough that girl that flooded my IG with 6 photos.
  3. Wow October has been a great month for us. So many updates from OYS!! Hopefully, she doesn't go MIA again soon now that someone is back in town.
  4. Wow, what is this? Airport photos but also wearing her bling bling?!?!? She’s bold these days...Btw, anyone know where she’s heading to?
  5. I just finished watching latest ep of mith!!! LSG at it AGAIN!!!! This is coming from a SINGLE guy!!! At the end of the hint call with Noh Sa Yeon, they asked her and the husband to come on the show as the married couple master. They wanted to know what they could learn from them. And of course, ONCE AGAIN, the only guy on the show who is ALWAYS curious about relationship, marriage and kids bursted out “Could you tell us how to live happily in a marriage?” OMG can he be more obvious!!!
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