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  1. Yup, in one of the episodes, the actress singer girl said: aren’t you a player? Idm you being a player, you can play with me (the second sentence might be incorrect as I don’t remember correctly). And GYZ said: maybe that was true before, but he’s no longer that kind of person. That episode then show how XX is the only one for him. about LWZ, classic bad boy turn good character lol, also he reacted that way because his personality is like a drum, hollow but loud. He played mean spank, wanted to cause harm (bad physical harm to XX, classic bad bully), but never actually see anyone die in front of him, or have anyone die for him. And recently, his bad behaviours kinda got washed out, trying to say the military can straighten any bully/naughty people >_>
  2. XX is totally smitten with GYZ, every single time he does something for her, or just show that he’s in love with her, her face is soften and her eyes are totally in love. (I just love how GYZ ask for a kiss, so cute hahaha). With SJS, perhaps she doesn’t know how to say no to him. Also back to one of the episodes, she said it’s not the time for love, she puts national stuff before these matters, whatever you want to label it, denial, runaway or patriotic, whatever reasons, she’s dodging it xD somehow little as these scenes are, I’m ok with the series so far 0.o so strange lol! Of course more is better, but this is one of those rare series I’m just happy seeing them love each other lol! I’m totally fangirl this couple, not just XK or BL! And XK looks so dashing with this drama costume, but I agree he has to be quite thin, which is pretty taxing
  3. So little romantic scenes between the two leads yet when they are together, there is this sweetness overload onscreen! I love the look he gave her when she’s finally appeared in front of him safe and whole. And how he just succumbed to her when she refused to serve him soup. Unlike SJS, won’t take her no for an answer and adamant that she should do thing his way, GYZ will please her if she doesn’t like it. Highlight the differences in the two men. SJS got jealous of GYZ and want to get XX away from SJS, GYZ in a way, kinda just eat it (because atm he doesn’t know for sure she just love him or still undecided, he doesn’t want to completely lose her by forcing her away from SJS). GYZ is very sweet, and I love the scenes at XX’s house in Beijing, so funny yet awkward and the mother is like: you can’t string two men along! Pick GYZ, I like him!
  4. The thing about GYZ visiting her at her parents house is the looming threat that he might slip, rather than he will tell on her. And with him threatening to come back the next day is not so much because of her secret, but the fact that she now has to deal with her mother and the bizillion questions of how they know each other, and the more her mother press, the easier they slip. Not entirely the same thing at all. And the thing about how GYZ’s asking her out, he said he won’t leave until she come, not like SJS, if you don’t answer, I’ll go ask your brother. Every single time with SJS, he literally forced her hands to accept the date, and made her hustle. It was really hard for me to watch her run from A to B, too. Totally ungentlemanlike. And the room change was serious low :/ i do love how XX found out about the button and what it truly mean to GYZ, it shows her that even the most random spur of the moment thing she said, he took it to heart. Can’t wait for tonight eps then the long wait *sigh* T_T
  5. I remember XK and BL said this drama is a lot less romantic/lovey dovey as the legends, so I wasn’t expecting much. Even so, they are really cutting it to the bone! I don’t get why you can’t show love between soldiers >_> my grandparents served in the war n fell in love, it’s a real life thing? Unless it truly is because they are supposed to be all males -.- or she’s defying the government’s rules of only boys can be soldiers, and with the HK protester and the celebration coming up, any defiance is just plain bad? I never understand China and their censorship >_>
  6. There is a rumour that a kissing scene has been cut out for them to pass censorship, possibly has to do with the ideal of male kissing male, even though in this case it’s cross dressing if u can even call it that! SJS is confident because XX has always outwardly show she’s caring for him and him only. She doesn’t show the same level of care to GYZ or HS. I agree HS is pretty pitiful, and I do hope GYZ doesn’t do this noble idiocy thing and withdraw his fighting. I love how as childish as GYZ always show, he’s always the leader, even SJS let him lead lol.
  7. The confession tonight?!! I don’t think she’s living as her brother though, I think she’s genuinely a caring type of person/girl. I love the song that they played during Romeo and Juliet part and the button scene and GYZ needs to confess before SJS, otherwise he will lose his chance with her. Once SJS said I like you to XX, she possibly just gonna be with him because that’s how she would like it initially anyway. Still... it’s interesting to see how it unfold!
  8. I think the main leads’s relationship is a slow build up, to the point that GYZ got her heart, and she didn’t even realise it. First sign for her was she saw him laying next to her, when it was SJS. In her mind, logically she should love SJS. I think to this point, she still thinks so. But you can see she care for GYZ’s personal feelings when he came to the hospital and saw how close she and SJS are. If she was 100% not interested in him, she would not notice how fierce his gaze was, and got uncomfortable because of that, it’s like she was caught red handed, and betray him. last night goodbye scene was so heartbreaking, I was almost in tears (I don’t tend to cry for drama, so anything move me to the point of almost tearing is pretty good stuff!). How much heartbreak GYZ was going through, the emotional turmoils inside of him, saying goodbye to the girl he loves, want to scream out how much he loves her and want to be with her, yet doesn’t want to pressure her, and knowing her heart to be with SJS, so all he could do is say goodbye to the best of his control. XX was breaking down, and doesn’t know why she’s breaking down, you can see her wall crumbles, she also was hurting that he just doesn’t look at her, that maybe she also experienced the same pain as he does, it’s just they don’t know. I have to say good acting on BL (Xu Kai was good, too), but how she got lost for words, and how tears were about to overwhelm her, and how stumbled she suddenly feel. It’s really making the scene has so much impact. i have to say I love their sweet scenes together, even though there aren’t many. Sure she’s with SJS for like 90% of the time, but romantic and heart drenching stuffs, and fluffy scenes are all with GYZ. So what if he always miss recusing her, he still charm her heart because everyday, he thinks for her, and cover for her, and even if he was being mean to her, it was on the surface only: like when he took her meats, but then put it all back. I’m sure when she came back, she would have saw it and would have known it was from him. All the things he does for her, he never really mentioned it, and initially she has no idea, but once she found out that he knew, she can put 2 and 2 together. I do hope there are more togetherness now that we only have 24eps left!
  9. Imma call this drama the legends 2.0 lol! Xu Kai is just so cute! I love their interactions so much... it made this drama really nice and gooey, fuzzy and warm! Bai Lu and Xu Kai really made this drama work! Only up to ep10, but I just love how caring he is to her, and the jealousy, oh the jealousy very different jealousy from LCL xD
  10. I’m very happy with the ending The book that everyone wants is just a rumour, the idea of the book is to lead the country, one must be mindful of the people, the mountain and the river (the land). So they teach the kids with an empty book, because they need to write their own way to help the country. the last ep they tried to cramp in as many moral lessons as they can >_> *eyes still rolling*
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