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  1. I’m very happy with the ending The book that everyone wants is just a rumour, the idea of the book is to lead the country, one must be mindful of the people, the mountain and the river (the land). So they teach the kids with an empty book, because they need to write their own way to help the country. the last ep they tried to cramp in as many moral lessons as they can >_> *eyes still rolling*
  2. I know what you mean about these little scenarios lol. For the ED, we just have to wait and see how it’s unfold, I also kinda wish not just FC pay for his father’s sins but also WY, too. Because so far, WY has it pretty easy! Almost like Uhm, nothing? Lol. Probably that’s why WY is such a boring character with zero development lol
  3. Just to be clear, my point about his eyes being sad is like those little flashes of sadness that no one would notice but the viewers lol. You can be totally happy in the moment, but some sadness for your fate or the fact you will not see the love of your life ever again should still linger? That’s what make us human. We can accept our fate, but we can also ponder. Those discrete ponder moments are what make it impactful :(? And it’s not about RL realise the sadness, but more she needs to be more perceptive lol (for a character that is supposed to be so smart, she is like smart only at some moments to show off and totally dumb at the other 95% of the time -.-). Like if you have a great friend, whatever they say, in a sense will leave some significant in your subconscious mind. Wherein here, it likes whatever RQ said is wind through RL’s ears lol. She just act like a board lol, and everything RQ said or did is like water... run straight through *facepalm* about the empress dowager, yea, idk either, with subs, her words seem to be caring for him, but RQ called it BS lol. Ignoring whether her intention is true or not, I’m still head scratch about this whole poison thing lol. According to FC’s logic, daddy emperor should have the antidote since he was the first to poison the empress dowager lol. It starts with the daddy emperor, it ends on his daughter in law >_> karma!
  4. Lol, I also feel it a bit lacking. Like I enjoyed the 55 and 56 ep, but it could have been so much better! For me, the flaws were the chemistry :/ like Leo did well, but the scene where she fell from trying to grab the apricot and he caught her, she meant to be moved/memory triggered due to suddenly feel embarrassed/her heart skipped a beat/etc, but Sophie just couldn’t do those emotions, so we have this wide eyes blank stare -.- I rewind and watched it twice to make sure. And then Leo did a smile as he recognised her feel something and is embarrassed, but that scene fail because she couldn’t act those emotions -.-??? Later on, there was a similar scene, and again, it felt flat on the face :/ also while it’s sad that there is hidden meaning behind his words, and she doesn’t get it, Leo doesn’t have much of a sad eyes? I know I repeat myself a lot, but I wish Vic Chou was here lol, how Yin Xue in the flame daughter could be all smiling but there are flash of sadness in his eyes, and it makes it much more impactful. In the end, I settle with RQ knows he will die, happily accepted that fate and therefore can carefreely smile and no sadness need to be displayed in his eyes. But you know, because of it, the impact felt less. And because RL is unlike Ru Ge, who always gives this doubtful face, so you know that even though she doesn’t get it, she felt it’s not right, and therefore, again, more impactful? also.. making apricot wine with just 1-2 pedals in a jar of water??? (I swear I only saw 1 pedal! Initially I thought it was just a water jar =_=) Lol. i also love how in the end, RL still goes: omg, you tricked me! And gave RQ zero trust -.- this FL has like zero character development -.- I have to say though she looks prettiest when she was with RQ and FC, costume, hairstyle and makeup. I understand they need to make her look matured now that she’s married and with child, but she doesn’t look so great lol! i do have a question though: Overall, I agree the two eps lack the impact, and it could be multiple factors :/ maybe because like you said we all know RL will just go back to WY anyway >_> sooooo it’s not as heartbroken if day, she remembers and actually live and love him for that 6mo!
  5. Man, 53-54 just make me wanna -.- I watched 53 without sub and I’m like does anyone find the ML and FL’s clothes is revolting atm lol, especially the ML, his oversized shoulder to make him look buff and big is just ridiculous -.- like one of those peacocks that make you wanna punch in the face -.- it likes as the drama goes on, his clothes get more buffed =_= same with the FL, she started to have shoulder pad, too -.- and I love how the main actress is quite young, and they managed to make her look like she’s in the 30s with all these gold clothes and hair ornaments -.- I love the simple clothes the medicine girl have or the princess of the dead dude, just a nice flowy pink that hug a woman figure and show how feminine they are! also because I’m a mother, I laughed at the scene where RL handles the crying baby! She looks like she’s 1yo, and child that age don’t just simply pick stranger over their mother for comforting, especially all you do is less than 10s of patting on the bum and say don’t cry lol! Oh drama land, how I miss unrealistic you are xD! just saw the trailer for the last 2 eps, it’s terrible lol.
  6. You are not the only one on that sentiment lol. At least half of the comments on any sites are about the second and third male lead lol. This is gotta to be the first drama where I’m continues for the 2nd male lead even though he ends with pretty bad fate -.- and idk even know the actor at the start of the series lol!
  7. For me, leo really shows he can act when he shows that jealous, bitter look when WY and RL were all happy and stuffs by the bed when WY told RL she is pregnant. Possibly need more scenes for me to be his fans, but yes, his acting is above the two leads, considering how little his scenes are. and then there were the scenes where they show WY and FC’s face, cutting and running across the screen in various directions, and I lol at how when you look at the eyes, JC’s eyes have so much soul, and the main actor is like soulless eyes lol.
  8. Nah, I understand where you come from. Idm you sound like you defending RQ at all I want to see the other side, too. Like I said I did have great hope for RQ lol. It’s just so far, not that happy lol
  9. Uhm, after 49 & 50, I feel conflicted.... I can’t say I like RQ.
  10. Yea, that ashes scene - I felt it through FC, he was so shocked and stunned by his mother’s expression. And he was so bitter, and felt pathetic for himself: look at you two white hair at young age, hah, here I am worried for nothing (something along that line lol) when WY and RL we’re together before the ashes scene. After the humiliation event in 35, FC’s energy has always been to redeem himself, not so he can have her love, but to have her forgiveness. But yea, she was pretty cruel to him, time and time again. Some couldn’t handle it because they found it repetitive, i didn’t, because Jing Chao acted so well. He shown different sort of response through his eyes and facial expression: from being anger for being misunderstood and got given no chance, to resign to the cruel fate (no matter what he does, even with good intention, everything turn out badly), to complete resign and agree that even meeting her to reduce his missing would cause her a great deal of pains. Poor guy! At least RQ can die lol! It seems everyone wants FC to live to suffer lol just look at the trailer for the new eps, I think RQ will steal the scenes off the OTP lol/the actress! Basically, we were right at the beginning, the drama’s highlights is the 2nd and 3rd male leads lol, the OTP is just the scenery to them -.-
  11. Well, basically atm I’m watching for Jing Chao and waiting for leo’s Part since it will be heart wrenching. The main couples do nothing for me lol. If it wasn’t for other’s acting, I don’t think I will feel much for the scenes lol. All these happy times or scheming time in the south was sooo boring, how many “wedding ceremonies”/traditions can they do? Over the course of 1 year lol! It’s like a long wedding -.- I’m confused with this whole “so we have been together for a few months at least, everyone call you my Wang Fei”, but only when my hair is white then we will do the husband and wife kowtow -.-??? Anyway, once fu Chou and RQ’s arc wrapped up, it will be FF to confirm they are together n done lol. oh people are saying the reason why FC loves RL is because WY loves RL, and I don’t agree with this, he would not go to that sort of length if it was because he wants to win over his brother. Even in the drama, FC character slammed that notion: “you are not me, do not think you understand my feelings” when they think he’ll holding on to RL because of WY
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