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  1. Sorry if I sound offensive but why are you always finding negativity in every single way? It's not about being delusional or not but exactly focusing only on some minor unnecessary negative words ignoring connotation. Moreover you bring down the atmosphere here so often with this looping. LSG directly described how a couple in stable comfortable relationship spends evenings unless you insist he's an alcoholic drinking by himself everytime. He is vocal about his love on the show and is literally glowing recently but you still want more? On national TV? What other actor in SK ever was as direct as Seungi?
  2. Yup, his new ideal girlfriend is sooo pretty that "his heart flutters when he's with her" (c) Seungi. He successfully managed to be Mr. Obvious and Mr. Confuse all at the same time. Lavvvvvv
  3. Actually Hongki was her and Seungi mutual friend far before Hwayugi. OYS being everyone's buddy is friends with FT Island and their friends.
  4. Haha, how surprising that his close friends start following his girlfriend. Well OYS is sweetheart so no wonder everyone falls for her
  5. Can you please find exact one cause the one you posted still doesn't look similar, I'm also familiar with SK. Besides i can't figure why OYS could use homestay which is mostly cheap option of hotel but korean style. Maybe just passed by...
  6. It doesn't look like Hanok Village actually. Hanok buildings are white/chestnut wood with stone. This one is solely dark brown which i can't locate easily...
  7. Omg, poor boy. It's not a secret anymore. But anyway OYS fans are so adequate compared to others so I'm sure he'll accept it. Especially knowing who she chose.
  8. Basicly first korean celebrity i see screaming of his love all over national TV. He's like shoving it into fans face so that they start adjusting - oppa is taken with no return
  9. Well... The angle of the photo shows that the one who took it is taller, all OYS female travel buddies stayed at home and are below her height. KB can't go abroad in military even in public service. Who could it possibly be...
  10. Simply cause most koreans break up before military. Not only celebrities. Say that it's their cultural thing. Yep, exactly same district
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