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  1. Mother of Mine really drives me crazy....!!! I was REALLY surprised as I saw this scene..... Tae Joo's love is as hot as fire... Can't wait to see next episode but I hope MiRi won't avoid him for too long and Tae Joo can quickly find out the truth of Mi Ri's sorrowful life... https://www.instagram.com/p/BwzMT6UhTDu/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1t829p95cbo8t
  2. I'm here~~~~ Really enjoy watching Mother of Mine, Tae Joo is as warm as Rin but more happier
  3. Yeah, it's HJH's movie premiere on April 8.. Actually I've seen two fan pic on Twitter and Instagram, but not really clear and only two fan pics made me didn't believe that's actually Yoona... Anyway thanks to Jong Hyun
  4. I imagine they cast in the drama like Mr.Sunshine or Chicago Typewriter... Deep and sorrowful love during the war in the beginning of 20th Century... Or the romantic comedy like Kim Eun Suk' s drama, such as Goblins or Secret Garden.. However, I still like Song Ji Na' s script the most... I love her thought of "love" which showed in the drama, just like TKIL builds love on respect, loyal, belief, and more..... that cannot be described easily...
  5. This fanpost made me recall the memories of TKIL... Really miss RinSan but there are few news of them these days I've just review the original novel again and want to rewatch the drama recently...
  6. You really did a great job I also want to share the pictures I saw..... Miss them so much... They really have lots of coincidence https://www.instagram.com/p/BrNfvn8D1Pd/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=f3v5l2gdbxrr
  7. Won't it be caught by MBC? As I upload the related video clips, It always said I don't follow the copyright and forced me to delete immediately...
  8. I have saw some fans sharing Japanese version DVD teaser…!!! Want to watch the drama again.... My RinSan~~~~~ Japanese version teaser cut pretty well~~ Here are some video clips on YouTube
  9. Seems like fans have given up voting AAA because the public system is not fair... Vote more for Yoona and the amount of her is still not going up.... Anyway, seems like Yoona enjoyed her personal time recently, went to the nice restaurant but didnt know with who... And yesterday went shopping with her sister About HJH, I heard that the drama will be crank up these days. His IG has been followed back some of friends.... but don't have TKIL team.... However, we just know they are still hanging out often by ourselves~~
  10. That BTS which was in the mountains is cute and sweet~~ I remembered in the making USB, Siwan was singing songs about breaking up... Because of jealous RINSAN always chatting happily However, they were just talking and in their own world, share the snacks, poking fun at WON together.... ignore anybody next to them
  11. Yeah Yeah…… I also squeal hard after I read the whole interview... And the BTS are always he best... I also remembered Yoona had been to a variety show, and she mentioned she will feel touched when there is a man put the tableware well before meal for her... (Seemed like she had thought someone and~~~ she loves the man who is gentle and considerate~~!!) There was a video clip about TKIL' s press conference, and I noticed HJH put the microphone for Yoona gently.. They are always in their sweet world... Hahaha Here it is!! https://youtu.be/AGXlbjyZaMk
  12. Oh.... I have been to Yoona's fanmeeting on Sunday, and as I saw her wearing red suits..... I screamedin my heart that HJH also loves that color~~~ And the fanmeeting is also nice, her Chinese is pretty well that almost doesn't need translator When it comes to TKIL' s behind, I remembered a scene in making USB... Seems like Yoona want to say "ByeBye".. I don't know, it looks like she was speaking Chinese, but Siwan still cannot understand what she said. However, HJH soon realized what she want to say and poke fun at her But poor Siwan still cannot get what they were doing... So cute and sweet RINSAN Oh... I want to re-watch TKIL and Making... And welcome new friends coming~~~ RinSan's red ship is still sailing~~~~
  13. Well~~ They really met that day!!!! https://breathlesssurvival.wordpress.com/2018/10/30/so-they-were-together/ I love and agree her conclusion !!!
  14. Hahaha!! You did a great job !! I am also the evil one though~~~ But I think those haters are not as same as farewellbyebye, I guess those are Yoona addict or another crazy CP fans... Really annoying and disgusting, though we enjoy being RinSan shippers, we have never insulted another kinds of fans or celebrities!!!
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