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  1. It is Monday today. 2 days more, I have spent my most of times to read all the posts in our topic. Thank you guys so much to keep update our cute couple. Have a nice week a head our chingu.
  2. How can I survive until next week? It is tooo long until next wed, our Prince is in love, so cute. The hug scene is the best moment of yesterday ep. Someone please help me to survive until next week :((
  3. Agreed. They did very good job. I cant wait to see tonight ep. So exciting to watch every week. PD -nim also did very good job as we can laugh every week. I want to see more romance scene for both of them. Also curious about the Crown - Prince and Min - nim characters. I love this drama so much.
  4. Hi my chingu, I have to register for our spartace topic. I have more confident for our Spartace ship. As your guys might remember in Big Brother show HaHa has said to Ji hyo that "I love you" which Jong Kook disagreed and said that HaHa should not say that event though HaHa considers Ji Hyo as his sister. It means that Jong Kook is not person who can say Yeobo just for fun or just because he is too closed with Ji Hyo. And you can easily see in ep 441 when YJS called Jong Kook "flirt namcha", Jong Kook did not happy with that and did not agree. He is not a joking person and I never see any flirt scene from Jong Kook to female guest. He is a gentleman, kind and shy. Hence, I strongly believe that it must be something between them.
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