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  1. I think the ultimate about Ryan Gold secret will be revealed during the celebrity exhibition when all nine Lee Sol drawing collected. From episode 2, DM keep asking why his name is Ryan Gold and I’m sure he got his Korean name. It will be a heartbreaking episode
  2. Just finished watching ep 9 and 10 at tvn rerun. I really love DM parents. I can see how they adore RG and start to be nice to each other because of him. I really like DM mom, she’s potraying the typical asian mom and I like her kick DM for always say no when she clingy to GG like he is her favourite son-in-law.
  3. I can’t stop myself to comment in this thread. Really love this drama! The director for this drama is the same with Live Up Your Name (Kim Nam Gill and Kim Ah Yong) and I hope they will give beautiful ending!
  4. Hello everyone! Have you seen soompi news today? Suddenly there is announcement OYS ended relationship with Kim Bum.. hmm sound fishy
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