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  1. I’m waiting to watch ep 16 tonight and I want to cry because my favourite k-drama is come to the end. KJW is right, he said your heart will flutter when the reporter ask him about this drama during one of the press conference and he also said ‘we fall in love’ (I know he is referring to RG-DK) but I can’t help it when he said it. How true what he said! Our heart flutter and they in love until the end of the drama!
  2. Thanks everyone for the recap. Definitely the best rom-com I ever watch! So lovely till the end.
  3. I'm going to suffer with withdrawal syndrome after this drama end
  4. I love you analysis. That's what I thought too. All of them have meet before and now their path have being cross again. You can see in the HPL how RG tried to adopt Korean way of life when interacting with the officemate (during the hilarious lunch), dinner with DM parents and also when he speak with Si-an about inviting him to have chicken.
  5. If I'm not mistaken, DM mom and EG mom meet at the hospital. I assume when both of the giving birth to DM and EG. That's why DM said EG like her twin brother.
  6. That's why all fans of HPL go fanatics for both of them. Should I say even PMY waiting to be kissed by KJW. And I really like seeing warm personality of KJW to everyone which seldom can be seen in the male k-drama during BTS. Another person like him is Kim Nam Gill but of course each individual has special personality. Maybe I'm a bit bias to KJW because his previous role in Voice and suddenly become a romantic person in HPL. Seeing him all fluffy and warm with PMY in HPL definitely something else.
  7. They might meeting each other more personally when the celebrity exhibition start. Well DM already has RG so they might playing cupid to Sian and Sindy. Must be very cute!
  8. I mean that when KJW taking PMY pictures during BTS. He always says 'yeppeuda' to PMS when he is snapping her picture. And also during the kitchen scene when he smearing flour to PMYS face.
  9. My theory is they will be together. I also guess that Sian-Sindy will be a couple.
  10. My theories for the ending: 1. DM will be the new PR Manager for Sian. 2. RG and DM will stay in Korea and start a family and make everyone in the family happy. RG will promote more Korean artis both locally and internationally (since he is one of the influential person in art) 3. Director Eom finally will accept Sindy as fangirl to Sian. Maybe Sindy and DM will start the new PR company to promote Sian debut as a solo artis 4. RG will have closure about his family and reunited with them (Lee Sol and Sian) 5. Eun Gi and Cho Da-In will be together too 6. Seo Jun husband will accept Seo Jun as fangirl and support her. He might be already transferred to the variety show section and help to promote Jea-Hyuk with Seo Jun. What else I’ve missed
  11. I’m sure many realised this KJW always say beautiful to PMY in the bts from earlier episode until now. No wonder our heart is fluttering seeing this couple.
  12. Me too! I really wish for happy ending and Ryan do deserve a happy family! It is nice to see the finale not only wedding but small family and with the in-laws. I also hope happy ending for Eun Gi dan his mother. No more tears!
  13. I guess all of us cannot sleep and waiting for the next episode due to the overdose sweetness in the last week episode.
  14. Their sweetness is totally another level. KJW and PMY really doing well for this drama. Although I’m also a fan of WWWSK, their act in this drama much more natural and heart warming. I remember in the their press conference, KJW said this is not R-rated drama and everything is very light and warm. That’s why we are feeling very warm and giddy watching them and even their latest bts is very sweet. I can’t say they are dating but I really love seeing them smiling each other very fondly both in drama, bts or even during press conference. Maybe they have crush on each other while working in this drama but not saying it because they want to stay professional.
  15. I think pd-nim can rename this drama to his private life. Second half of this drama focus on Ryan Gold-nim private life which is more important and more interesting to watch.
  16. Waiting to watch episode 11 tonight at tvn. Reading all the recap makes my day. Can’t help smiling seeing them. Tvn, why don’t you put many video at youtube like WWWSK? This k-drama is pure happiness.
  17. She changed her hair style! I wish she could stick with the previous hairstyle
  18. I think Park Min Young is so good in doing rom-com because she is very friendly with the her co-stars and very bubbly. You can see how she said during one of the early BTS at the theme park that KJW is so handsome and she always like to lean to him when they have scene together. She smile truly like a fangirl adoring KJW/RG in her acting.
  19. 3. She stained his jacket when she fell on RG in Ep 5. 4. Wetting RG expensive and exclusive jacket in Ep 3 because DM accidentally turn on the shower at Sian house.
  20. You are right. That’s why I stick to watch the show on TV instead online sources. At least the sub is properly done. It is also contributing to the actual rating.
  21. I really love Park Jin Joo who play Lee Seo Jun. She is very talented actress and great support actress to Park Min Young! True fangirling bff!! How she love her friend and support everything her friend want to do. She even say Ryan Gold similar to Sian in the 2nd episode (Deok Mi also mention this in first episode when she first meet Ryan). The girls thinks alike and both of the have great chemistry too!
  22. tvndrama official instagram keep posted the sweet scene of this drama. The latest one is 5 min ago. Should I say they also smitten by the acting of this couple? There are also some love quiz but in Korean. I hope someone could translate and post in here.
  23. Yes, he can play piano and he play it beautifully. You can search tvn lifebar in youube channel where he play Mozart piece.
  24. You might be right. We might see this happen in next episode (11 or 12) by seeing the preview Ryan Gold is crying. I really like this drama besides it is a light rom-com, it is also touch the issue like korea child adoption where they send child to US to be adopted and this issue has been address a lot in K-drama. The child growing in a stressed environment often being abused and it affect their adult life. You can see how Ryan Gold explain to Doek Mi he learn to ask for forgiveness because he live in a hard and abusive life when he was a child.
  25. I don’t know why I’m smiling like an idiot when looking at the picture posted by tvn drama at their Facebook and Instagram. I guess I’ve been bitten by fangirling things too. It seem tvn keep promoting the kiss and sweet scene between these two! Love it!
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