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  1. Just now, muishami said:

    @ritausma that Mawang gif :lol:

    Its all of us while watching otp kisses/bed scenes :rolleyes:

    Ahah, I think these gifs describe my feelings even better :joy:











    Something like that....

    Sorry for spamming with all of these hot gifs, but I just couldn't help it :P When I get a glimpse of our otp's lovely scenes....I just can't stop watching all of them :rolleyes::heart:

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  2. 6 minutes ago, tiroagain said:

    Basicly first korean celebrity i see screaming of his love all over national TV. He's like shoving it into fans face so that they start adjusting - oppa is taken with no return :P:love:

    I’ve never seen such obvious celebrity, he can’t contain his happiness at all  :joy::joy::joy: Ahhhh, it’s LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAV *insert Mawang voice*. :D

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  3. 2 hours ago, iffahmm said:

    If anyone has photoshop they should try to remove the noise from the image. Zoom it on to just the image in the eye and crop it. Reduce the noise/grain and hopefully we'll have an even more clear image then. I would do it myself but I don't have Photoshop or any other hi tech photo editor nor do I know how to use them. :sweatingbullets:

    I have photoshop, but I’m not home right now. When I return I can try doing that or someone else who has time could do it.:grin:

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  4. 7 minutes ago, missirina said:

    It could either be a mask, or its the phone that OYS's companion is holding while taking the picture like @iffahmmmentioned previously. 

    Yes, it looks more like a phone :D 

    But yes, as you girls said it might be a mask too. The person might be wearing a mask and holding a phone while taking a picture, that’s why it’s so hard to tell :lol:

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  5. 12 minutes ago, kopikosong said:


    That gif was originally from here:



    An entire page dedicated to Yeon Seo getting married to Seung Gi :wub:

    Thank you for sharing the link! :heart: Now I'm stuck on that page looking at OYS's beautiful photos in wedding dress :love: 




    She will be such a beautiful bride in the future :wub:


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  6. Hello everyone! :grin: I haven't been active here for quite a while, so so sooooo happy to see that our thread is so lively :love::love::love:


    And I'm very happy to see new members too, welcome @bulkkoch:blush:

    2 hours ago, bulkkoch said:

    About the episode 19, I will say one thing is really really really obvious : HIS EYES! This is not just twinkles in his eyes this is literally fire. At the first episode it was twinkles but with the progress of the episodes the twinkles in his eyes become fire, as expected from the The Great Sage Equal to Heaven. 

    I loved your post, please don't hesitate to post more! :love: Those eyes full of emotions are hard not to see :rolleyes::heart:


    And of course I can't miss opportunity to put some vitamin gifs :P




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  7. 5 minutes ago, aqualy said:

    Omg! this butt...I can't stop laughing...

    Please smack him...hahahaha

    :)) :))

    Oh myyyyyyyy you want someone to smack his butt???? Ahahahah what is happening here? :D Yesterday we talked about blue and pink balls, today it's time to discuss LSG's dance moves and how he has to be smacked :lol: Someone, please help!:crazy::D


    Okay-okay....continue :tongue:



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  8. 18 minutes ago, opinions123456 said:

    @taskdramafanatic lmao cant wait for vagabond to come out at the same time with that richard simmons actor drama so lsg can own and destroy that lousy actor in ratings and acting skills lmao so you can be more butthurt loser like your richard simmons actor. lmao old richard simmons actor still trying to act like a teen lmao. What a loser and his acting skills is pure trash. Pls drama gods let lsg drama go up against that trash actor so he can destroy that idiot totally in acting skills and drama ratings lmao.

    Hello! It’s good to have your own opinion, but could you please stop criticizing other actor? We want only good vibes here, so let’s not speak bad about anyone. Thank you!

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  9. Just now, kopikosong said:

    Sorry yeonseo, seunggi is returning to his old bae now.



    I laughed so hard at this preview already omg hahahahahahaha I cannot wait for the actual episode. Look at that smile on seunggi's face, he's totally enjoying being kissed :lol:


    Oh no! LSG is going to be taken away by that man! :D:lol::D He really is enjoying the kisses, looking so happy:lol: I just can't, why this is so hilarious??? 

    OYS: So you enjoyed being kissed by him?





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