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  1. Ahah, I think these gifs describe my feelings even better Something like that.... Sorry for spamming with all of these hot gifs, but I just couldn't help it When I get a glimpse of our otp's lovely scenes....I just can't stop watching all of them
  2. Ahhh, all of the beautiful gifs and videos made me go through my favorite ones and I just can't stop myself from posting these..... So many feelings radiating from these two *runs away blushing*
  3. Omo, look at this postmilitary guy who’s so into pink lately And it seems like our charming friend also got into things with hearts like our lovely OYS (look at that mask with hearts) Who could have thought that this army guy could become such a fluffy marshmallow obsessed with pink color
  4. I’ve never seen such obvious celebrity, he can’t contain his happiness at all Ahhhh, it’s LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAV *insert Mawang voice*.
  5. I have photoshop, but I’m not home right now. When I return I can try doing that or someone else who has time could do it.
  6. Yes, it looks more like a phone But yes, as you girls said it might be a mask too. The person might be wearing a mask and holding a phone while taking a picture, that’s why it’s so hard to tell
  7. Thank you for sharing the link! Now I'm stuck on that page looking at OYS's beautiful photos in wedding dress She will be such a beautiful bride in the future
  8. I love this photo so much, OYS looks so adorable holding that monkey toy I guess she always has it beside her at home when she misses certain someone
  9. Hello everyone! I haven't been active here for quite a while, so so sooooo happy to see that our thread is so lively And I'm very happy to see new members too, welcome @bulkkoch! I loved your post, please don't hesitate to post more! Those eyes full of emotions are hard not to see And of course I can't miss opportunity to put some vitamin gifs
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