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  1. If everyone does what they should do, then we don't have a crime drama do we? I like the writers' decision to have the reporter withhold that recording. Is it the right thing to do? I don't think so. But it's realistic and it adds complexity. She wasn't just trying to save her career -- many other innocent people's careers are on the line. It's like that famous train dilemma: damned if you do, damned if you don't. We all have different moral compasses that tell us which decision should be the more moral one, but it is a grave and disheartening decision regardless of choice. And in this moment of internal conflict and weakness, she was manipulated by a mentor whom she had trusted, for his own nefarious purposes. I personally think it's great writing. And look at how Detective Oh cheered her up. He didn't tell her whether her decision was the right one. He didn't accuse her of doing the wrong thing either. Honestly she probably wouldn't have had her doubts cleared up regardless. Instead, he told her that it wasn't a meaningful decision anyway, that she only had an illusion of a choice since the outcome wouldn't be affected. He finished by saying that the recording indicated a much larger corruption scheme and they still had work to do. This is probably the best way to comfort someone having so much self doubt. I think that's again very smart writing.
  2. It is noteworthy that Chief Editor lied to his brother about assisting OJT. In the episode, there is a bit about his AG brother saying "leave the politics to me", suggesting that the Chief Editor also has his own motives that are separate from his brother's. Also despite the romance scenes being very minor parts of this drama, they are remarkably well done. My dude OJH is smooth af.
  3. I'm still wondering what OST's endgame is. What does he want? TBH I don't think the murder meant a lot to him. It's probably a crime of passion (as evidenced by his intoxication that night). He might not even be lying when he said he felt sad after she died. But what is his endgame? I'm very intrigued by the his complex relationship with the Attorney General. Also it is still unclear what former Prosecutor Kim is motivated by. Even the thug doesn't seem as simple as a enforcer lackey. He might have his own agenda as well.
  4. Most satisfying thing about ep 7 preview is that piece of human scum getting his nose smashed in by Detective Oh. One thing I really like about the drama so far is there are so many characters who are ambiguous right now. Even OJT, at this point we don't know for sure if he'd done it. Also, the different "villains" all have their own agenda and distrust each other, which further builds moral ambiguity.
  5. All indication points to OJT as the perpetrator, with the thug and Detective Nam complicit. However, it feels a bit too simple if this was the case. There's probably a twist somewhere. We also have many unanswered questions: who murdered OJH's father? Who did Journalist JSK advocate for? What is the role of the senior guy at the newspaper? Interested to see where this goes. Also, definitely looks like we've got bit of a romance vibe after today's episode.
  6. Seo Yeji is SO GOOD in this role. She combined the cold, leering sociopath, the alluring mature woman, and the vulnerable little girl all together into this unforgettable and irresistible character.
  7. There is no indicator that suggests anything has changed. Edit: in the latest RM episode you can see them having a "fight", but this time it's more of JK being mad. Right before the 3rd mission when Twice Dahyun ripped LKS's name tag for fun.
  8. I thought she described leaving a note for JK which would imply that he wasn't there. It's been a while since that episode, my memory is kinda blurry now. This. If anything that whole episode felt that way. We KNOW that SA are at least very close as friends. But the way that episode turned out, it almost felt like they weren't that close, which we know isn't true.
  9. I'm not sure whether his mom would know, but this MUD episode is very strange. When JH said that they met on a plane to New York by chance -- so many things not right here. 1) They made it sound like JK wasn't there. First of all, why would JK's mom go to the states without him, especially given JK's penchant for US trips and her likely lack of English proficiency. 2) Even if she did go alone or with her elder son, it is so bizarre that neither JH's trip nor JK mom's trip ever appeared in conversations. Like if you were going on a trip abroad, wouldn't you at least bring it up to your close friends? How could this possibly have stayed so completely unknown between them? 3) If you look closely, JH misspoke when she said New York, and hastily changed to just "abroad". 4) The show's annotation said that the trip was a RM event. That's just so wrong. First of all, RM has never had a FM in North America. Second, if it was a RM event why would JK not be there? 5) There were occasions when JK and JH were both in the US at around the same time (for work), but had days during their trips when they weren't accounted for. I have to check this again later. 6) Fans at JFK have observed and greeted them arriving in NYC on the same flight. Again I have to double check on what that occasion was for.
  10. Right at the beginning of the latest episode: SC mentioned that his partner from last episode, JH got the "actual" winning reward of Bluetooth headphones. JK then teased "After she got home, she complained 'why are these headphones broken' (cuz they have no wires)" as another example of Wall JH character. Well first of all, she said that at home. How the heck did you know? The delulu explanation would be of course he was there with her. The more reasonable explanation would be that she sent him a message or said it on a voice chat/phone call. Now, one does not make such a trivial complaint to someone you're not close to. Imagine if you sent that to a colleague at work after you went home, that would be so inappropriate. So at the minimum, this should ease some people's concerns that they might've grown apart and become more distanced, pointing to a lack of interactions on air.
  11. "Manner hands" means that the gentleman avoids touching the lady, and when contact is unavoidable, minimizing it. Then there's this: This is the opposite of manner hands: he deliberately makes contact when there is absolutely no reason to. And it's not just anywhere he's touching you know that's way out of bounds for friends, and I live in NA where the standards for skinship is much more relaxed. Goes both ways. One may make the argument that they were being careful since both are officially single, but then Jihyo has posted pictures with Kwangsoo before, so that argument is rather void In fact, if SA weren't dating, and they really were just close friends, one of the better ways of clarifying the situation would be being very open about it on places like IG. This silence speaks volumes.
  12. If you look closely after, he was also the only one who didn't appear surprised that she hadn't seen it.
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