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  1. That "Speechless" cover by KJK... incredible.
  2. Wait, another one? At this rate he must've done more interviews than all the other RM PDs combined. IIRC They weren't even doing interviews this frequently when the ratings were in the 20s.
  3. Another entry in my list of *very peculiar* moments, from Ep220. If the .gif doesn't work on the forum, please check out https://imgur.com/A74OF8I: Pay attention to what YJS was doing. Now to be honest, this moment does not indicate that the two are dating. But I think it's a fair and objective assessment that this is clear and convincing evidence of the following assertion: SJH likes KJK and YJS knows. One would have to be very much biased against SA to disagree. More moments to follow.
  4. For those of you who feel a little discouraged, I'm gonna share some moments which I felt "almost confirmed" SA, i.e. something was very unusual about them and could not be plausibly explained by a "close friend / family" narrative. Starting from this one in Ep 387 and SA aren't even in this one: The ones they are laughing and pointing at are SA (JSJ and LKS are the ones to the left). They did something all of a sudden, and you can see how the other members reacted: YJS burst out laughing and made gestures suggesting that whatever they did was unairable. JSM and YSC both laughed and pointed. YSC was like "yeah we can't air that". HH looked like he could not believe what he just saw, he was almost saying "did that really just happen?" And he was worried for a split second there before smiling a shy smile. And despite the "we can't air that" sentiment, you can see everybody being very happy about it. Now, we don't know exactly what SA did, but they must've done something way out of left field. I'll leave it to your imaginations, but I struggle to think of anything that would fit all known criteria other than something that would spill the beans (like PDA): - It's not done for show - It cannot be aired - It's probably pretty sweet (based on others' reactions) - It's very noteworthy and unexpected And this is just one of a few moments that I saw as very peculiar. More will follow.
  5. KJK: Jihyo is family. Also KJK: HH Your family is your wife and kids, you can't say Jihyo is your family.
  6. There was again some negativity in the thread, and with KJK's injury, naturally tempers are shortened by concern. I just want to stress that civility is paramount, and there is no need for jumping at each other's throats when we are supposed to be gathered here in agreement and support. Couple of developments at the FM also had certain fan groups indignant and disappointed. I just want to remind our group that real life couples very rarely purposefully put their relationships on public display. We've known about Kwangsoo and Sunbin dating for 8 months now -- have you ever seen as much as a photo of them together since then? The same logic applies to SA as well, especially so since they have not officially confirmed anything. Oversea FMs might have been lax, given the lack of public cameras and intense domestic scrutiny, but they have every reason to be cautious in a public showing in Korea. And frankly, the reason I'm sold on this ship is that we've seen a few private moments between these two that cannot be plausibly explained by a close friend / family narrative. Nothing in the latest developments has taken those moments away. That's the reason that personally I am not bothered in the slightest by all the noise with JSM or HJY or whatever. The modicum of evidence for their cause just pales in comparison to a preponderance of evidence for ours.
  7. In case anybody felt discouraged about the no boyfriend answer (this forum seems good but some other media not so much): Name one Korean celebrity who answered yes to that question at a fan meet. For someone of Jihyo's caliber, such news is made public via an official press release via the agency. One does not simply blurt out breaking news at such an informal setting. And if already dating in public, they don't get asked this question at FMs.
  8. Yeah Pacific Center that's downtown Vancouver. Can't make it that far west Thanks for the info
  9. Any idea on where in Canada? My guess it's just a short stop in Vancouver, but if they ever make their way into the Canadian Rockies for vacation (Remember Bow River Valley as one of their destinations in the RM family project? That's in the eastern region of the Rocky Mountains and a spot that I personally frequent. A good vacation location for sure.), I might tweak my own vacation plans and see if I can catch a glimpse. Vancouver would be too far a drive though, sadly.
  10. Yeaaah....me want to ask the same question! Does anyone know why I couldn’t find the newest episode of Running Man today? My Sunday routine Usually every Sunday I watch RM and right after that I go to this page to see what you guys talking about and ship together Most regular Sunday programs were cancelled to cover US President Donald Trump's visit to the Korean Demilitarized Zone and his meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. It is the first time a sitting President of the United States ever set foot on North Korean soil, so this was a pretty historical moment and as you can imagine, worthy of special news coverage on the peninsula.
  11. Regarding the movie-that-must-not-be-named, it is a shame that such blatant double standards still exist. I don't get offended easily, but whenever her anti starts using that movie to shame her that'll guarantee to trigger me. So no I don't think that was the tease. It's more about JH getting drunk, swearing and "being gangster". All of these would big no's for idols. But hey that's part of JH's charm: she shows how a woman can be beautiful, cute and charming without being plastic or contrived.
  12. LOL Reminded me of this: Still gives me a chuckle every time.
  13. Production holds a lot of control over what you get to see. We got to see SA interact before because it wasn't an issue. Right now, if my speculation was correct, there is a change of direction on this matter in the show, and you can see efforts being made controlling it. I wouldn't read too much into it.
  14. I am of the same opinion as well. We can't be sure rn if that gf is JH but it's certainly plausible. Until new evidence shows up, I'm maintaining the stance that there hasn't been anything to firmly prove or disprove whether SA is real, although there are quite a few things that are hard (but not impossible) to explain away with the "not real" narrative. I personally wouldn't put much stock on what JK's friends say at this point. I've watched Haha in variety since the Xman days, and if anything he is a highly spontaneous entertainer. It's uncanny, his ability to instantly respond to a situation in the most entertaining way in the blink of an eye. Just last segment he was "setting up" JK with the Miss Korea doing PPL. This episode he was mentioning the "some" between JK and JH again. I don't think he was actively pushing an agenda in either case -- more like these were entertaining things to do for the show. And remember narratives can change overnight. I already mentioned the yearly pattern that they have with SA. But the most extreme case would probably go to Yoon Eun-hye. YJS constantly mentioned her and teased JK about it in RM. However, after the 2015 "Summon YEH" dumpster fire by SBS, he never mentioned her on the show again (other than the brief Xman x RM episode, and let's be honest, that loveline was the elephant in the room). There are still positives, however. I agree with @heynell that had JK wanted to put an end to this affair, he could've said something to deny it in a tactful or funny way. Instead, he just smiled shyly. Again, nothing concrete, but a good sign nonetheless.
  15. Every year now since Gary's departure and the infamous "KJK SJH firing" event, at the turn of the year (December or Janurary), the show would acknowledge or even push SA. Then boom, they would stop mentioning it. Very abruptly, like it never happened at all. Looks like this year we made it to April and the same thing happened again. Most of us should agree that in a sandbox, a loveline between JK and JH would benefit the show. Monday Couple was a big part of Jihyo's characterization on the show -- losing that was a big dent. Had other circumstances worked in JH's favor, this loss might not have been felt this much, but alas, the direct opposite is true. RM's changes (PD departures, CP changes, members aging) have made the show a more hostile environment for JH, and she is struggling becuz of it. If impacts to their personal lives be ignored, it makes perfect sense for the show to push a loveline for her, as it would bring her much needed characterization and spotlight. And let's face it, after Gary's departure there is no other more suitable than JK. So why isn't it happening? Well, "from this point forth we shall... journey into thickets of wildest guesswork". The production team would probably love to see such a development, and this is supported by ample evidence. It then follows that there is push back that prevents it from being a long term thing. If I may be so bold, I would guess that Jihyo is ok with it but JK has been pushing back. What does this mean for JK and JH irl? It's hard to say, given the pair's close personal relationship, romantic or not. A loveline is a double-edged sword, and perhaps JK doesn't want to use JH as just something to advance the show. So why is Jihyo OK with it? If the two share a platonic relationship, then JH has fewer immediate concerns with being in a loveline. Makes sense. If the two are in a romantic relationship, then JH perhaps feels a little uneasy with JK being in other lovelines. Also makes sense. Both scenarios are plausible in my mind, and both have glaring holes. If the first case is true, then I have to be honest: this move is incredibly short sighted, and no wonder JK is pushing back. If the second case is true, then JH is either being a little immature (granted, it's easier said than done for someone in love), or she's pressuring JK to go public. And it makes sense for JK to push back becuz the repercussion would be huge. Do they stay on the show? The pressure would be immense: look at what happened on I Live Alone. If one or both of them are to leave, then what about the show? YJS has said before that either all 8 stay, or all 8 leave. So what's gonna happen then? I have to remind people the above portions are mostly speculation and I could turn out to be totally mistaken. But I saw some really negative vibes in the Chinese community bemoaning the "lack of interaction". Well, based on the above reasoning, I don't see it as necessarily a bad thing. Also there could be a very simple explanation to "lack of interaction": JH has a bad cold
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