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  1. Thank you @BriseisI love your comments about of drama, all them are so good and passionate, I'm your fan... I love this drama, I love uri OTP, this year there have been couples with a lot of chemistry in the dramas, I love the HPL couple, and I can say that this couple is their replacement in my heart LOL, although many people did not trust in KMS performance, I love YS and KD hehehe Sorry for my poor english hehehe
  2. I don't understand why those ratings too, KJH is an excellent actor, his work has quality, even in comedy. I like the good comments in the Korean chats, but I expected more. By the way, this drama reminds me a bit to Todome no Kiss, another of my favorites this year, I hope an happy ending for this drama. I can't wait for watch your MV of ours (우리) OTP, @gm4queen
  3. Wow! Hello, I'm fan of this drama, all your comments are awesome, I read each. KJH is an actor versatile, I love his work, this drama have an history excellent, I don't know why those ratings, unfortunately this drama isn't popular in the latin comunity, al least I watch that the people don't talking this, that is so sad. I'm Team Baek Jin Sang too hehehe. I will hope to read more interesting comments and theories, thank you. By the way, sorry for my english, I don't usually it write.
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