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  1. Yeah.. wondering why it's so quiet here.. missing all the fun.. pls come back and post something. What happen to our ship?
  2. Hi chinggus.. Good to see that most of us are still going strong here.. love all the analysis and all the sharing. Since I don't understand korean, lurking here been my favourite place to understand our drama.. kamsahamidah everyone.. Been rewatching the drama over and over again.. and there's something I've been wondering inside my head.. In this scene and other scene - after KJH buy her a sandal.. where is CSH heels? Did she hold it or inside his bag.. We can spot it here at the back of KJH bag.. after the salsa dance.. Don't mind me.. I'm just curious here!! Hahaha..
  3. Hi everyone.. been lurking here for sometime.. just wanna say all of your analysis are so great and wonderful.. make me speechless, feel loved and mixed feeling.. Keep on posting and Happy New Year.. I need a time machine so we can go to ep 9 soon enough!!
  4. How's everyone.. miss all of you and analysis here.. it's been too quiet. Anyway love to see ohvely been active posting in Instagram.. it's Christmas Eve maybe she's reminded of their special event exactly on the same day last year.. who can forget that.. And that clothes she wore isn't it kind of oversize for her.. remind me of son oh gong and jin seo mi morning scene..
  5. How's everyone? Still going strong I hope.. just finish watch latest mith.. ep 46.. whoa.. seunggi yaaaa... https://www.yesasia.com/global/a-korean-odyssey-2018-dvd-ep-1-20-end-multi-audio-english-subtitled/1069227458-0-0-0-en/info.html Found this.. the DVD version of hwayugi.. Do you guys think there's a bts or director's cut in it? I'm dying to watch the bts between lsg and oys.. anyone have bought this?
  6. There's a famous quotes in my country related with stupidity.. If you are that stupid please don't show it all. Please keep it some for your future use.. Those people are really funny..
  7. Then might as well they said 'oppa pls marry me.' Hahaha We are all shipper and they should respect our choice.. I'm so glad we are mature enough and don't embarrass ourself like.. well whoever they are.
  8. Some people are just too bold - they are insecure with our otp. If they said we are delulu why bother or even been shaken by our ship??
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