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  1. On 7/27/2019 at 7:29 PM, nrllee said:

    He’s returned from a 10 day holiday in Ho Chi Minh.  He says he really enjoyed the rest (with no fixed schedule) and the time away alone just to recharge.  :D  Looks like he’s ready to get back to work again.

    thats why he did not attend jo jung suk vip premiere for exit movie.. 

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  2. yoon shi yoon screen time in nokdu flower, i dont like it.. the story is more on jo jung suk and i dont like it. i started to skip scenes where ysy is not there... well see next weeks episode.. if it didnt change i think i might stop watching his nokdu flower and wait for his next series. i hope he will be the lead and not just a second lead... poor ysy... he acting is just a waste in this drama. no wonder the ratings went down for episode 3...

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  3. 15 hours ago, nrllee said:


    I didn't expect them to.  Neither like these grandiose occasions and don't generally attend unless absolutely necessary.  Both much prefer simple, no nonsense social settings - neither of them are party people.  Very much like KH and SE.  Both are unpretentious individuals at heart.

    i hate the result... jung hae in? id rather choose yoo yeon seok over him. hes not worth it.. they only based the award bec of popularity... 

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  4. 7 hours ago, kamila01 said:

    2018 apan star awards held on last night. :no_mouth:

    One of my favorite dramas is DEAR JUDGE. This is a LIFE-CHANGING  drama. I feel sad it did not receive a NOMINATION. I watched this drama several times and I never get bored of it. 

    And feel so bad YSY did not receive the winner award of APAN 2018 for GRAND PRINCE . I catched by YSY GREAT ACTING in it. He made me ADDICTED to his wonderful acting. Wonder what's the CRITERIA of awarding SYSTEM in S-Korea? I don't TRUST to their awarding system really and more NOT to apan awards system. :thumbsdown:




    me also i hate their awarding system.. they only based the result on popularity.... hmmm. 


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