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  1. 17 minutes ago, n3bula said:

    I respect your opinion but I think differently. Quiet the opposite actually. In my honest opinion CFY is an okay actor but he doesn't make me feel much. He has the same facial expressions in almost all of his scenes. SYR was better in acting than he was at least for me. She made me feel everything her character was feeling. 


    As far as Dylan goes I watched him in Meteor Garden and for someone who never acted before he did great. He easily shows all different kinds of emotions. I'm not saying he is perfect in acting cause he is not. As he gains experience he will only get better. The same goes for CFY. 


    I do think that true fans of the novel will continue to watch regardless of the actors. I know I will. I've come to love some of these characters and want to see their journey to the end. 


    I get that people are upset about the cast change but the new cast deserves to be given a chance as well. S2 can also have talented actors and it is unfair to think otherwise. EN2 is not even out yet and people are already saying it may not be as good as s1. I don't understand how one can compare them if s2 has not even aired yet.


    The hype for s2 does exist. Dylan Wang is popular internationally and he will bring in many viewers.  As a matter of fact many of his fans are only watching s1 because of him. S1 was a success on its own but Dylan is contributing to its success as well. 


    Storywise S2 is supposed to be better than s1 so I have high expectations on that. We shall soon find out how s2 does :)








    For me the actor who stole the show was SYR she made SS shine even though the writer didn't give the character justice. Arthur was okay when he had a good actor to work with but in the scenes from the wasteland emotionally the actor was weak, he is still young and as a lot to grow as an actor. 

    I'm going to watch season 2 but from what I see from the BTS it looks promising so I can't wait to see it.

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  2. Just finish watching 6 episodes straight hoping to finally see NQ and SS together but still nothing just more of the same NQ and MSS ( can't stop cursing the TV lol), really did we need 13 episodes of that???^_^ 

    Best part today and sad too was the two teachers fighting and saying goodbye it made me cry.

    Since NQ is being a selfish brat I'm starting to wish SS with sećond teacher, I like the way he looks at her and seems to care because someone we all know keeps forgetting that SS is his life:triumph:

    ( I'm hard fan of SS for me Song Yiren stole the show she made SS shine even though the character was poorly written not the novel fault but the screenwriter)

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  3. 10 hours ago, dejun said:


    I don't agreed with you.  The drama followed the novel very closely in regards to the relationship between NQ and MSS.  NQ really likes MSS and have thoughts of her being his concubine which was clearly shown in both the drama and novel.  But NQ realised that SS cannot accept a third party in their relationship hence his struggles over this.


    Also I don't think MSS screen time exceeds that of SS in the drama.  She only appeared in the wilderness to Du city part which was described in the novel itself.  Of all the beautiful women NQ encountered, aside from SS, he only likes MSS so don't hate MSS too much.  I also like YHY more than MSS but NQ's feelings was just neutral towards her.


    Btw, I enjoyed reading the novel more than the drama so I won't continue to read S2 part or I might feel disappointed as I want to enjoy both drama and novel as well.  It's wonderful to read the novel after completed the drama.  I now can imagine how NQ looks like with CFY's face and SS (SYR).  I can enjoy the best of both worlds. :D

    I guess we are watching a different drama and reading a different novel lol  

    It's not even close to the novel, NQ had a crush and he never shed a tear for MSS of course he wants concubines after all it was normal at that time and he is a young men lol

    There is a difference between like and love and that's the same with MSS and SS and I don't hate her just the writer for creating a love triangle where there isn't one lol

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  4. I'm watching NQ in the wasteland and maybe because he doesn't have more experient actors to act with on those scenes but I can tell the actor inexperience in this part of the story it fells emotionally flat even some dialogues except for the fight scenes in those he is excellent

     That magic from the early episodes is missing  in the episodes of the wasteland ( maybe its SS lol B))

    The best part for me until now, I'm on ep 35, it's the relationship between SS and her teacher and the empress story didn't know she was such a badass I kind of like her character. 

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  5. 2 minutes ago, Snow Guardian said:

    Well said my comrade! I feel the same, and have the same thoughts as you. My disappointment is still there just thinking back how the drama shown in s1. I think in s2, there would be a highly challenging relationship for both of them as well since the aunties seem like "challenging love stories". And this time, YHY would be highly get involved in between them.:dissapointed_relieved:


    I am in dilemma because I like YHY too....... I hope I dont end up dislike her in the future:bawling:

    I really hope season 2 will be great because I love the novel but not sure how they are going to show this part of the story in the drama since it's really violent and dark:huh: 

    But we have more romantic scenes:wub: can't wait to see if the new actor as chemistry with our SS.

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  6. 1 hour ago, Snow Guardian said:


    Dont break your TV, comrade. 


    I know how you feel. Me too, I AM A HARDCORE OF SANGSANG. When I watched those unnecessary scenes about them in wasteland, I wanna puke blood! I prefer the character of NQ in the book, and not in the drama. Because in the novel, I know what NQ was thinking in his head and also know how he actually felt inside about SS. But, in the drama, the aunties often misleading me to think the other ways:triumph:   

    I can't break it just got it for Christmas lol

    I also prefer NQ from the novel because from the beginning it was always SS for him the rest were just infatuations because they are beautiful women and not even MSS had a chance in winning his love. The drama almost destroyed that part for me it felt like MSS was the female lead and had this tragic love with NQ instead of SS that is the main character in Ever Night:triumph:

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  7. 9 hours ago, angelangie said:

    im different from u guys lols....


    i wont compare the two....i let them each tell their own move and stories....i learn to stop comparing this way i wont be bias....


    to me as long as the OTP have great chemistry and able to convince me they are made for each other im game.....


    i will let Dylan tell me the NingQue he believe in and Chen FeiYu's NingQue will be another set of games for me.....


    lookwise i prefer Chen FeiYu if u guys are to force me to choose.....Dylan are leaning more towards flower boy concept for me....im too old for flower boy :D 

    I'm way too old for both of them lol:D

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  8. 1 hour ago, epinklyn said:


    Yessss! He is really not polite with SYR rite??? She is his senior in business and age :sweatingbullets:. Dont know why he did that sigh (in the past 8 month of filming, really???) Maybe SYR is seen as his younger sister, that too cute to be resist. At first i thought because height gap issue, that make CFY only be able to touch the highest point of SYR, which is head and face, but i think he is way too far :sweatingbullets:


    That's why i hope Dylan Wang or other actor that will work with SYR, dont bully her plz, be gentle :sweatingbullets:, i want to hit CFY butt everytime i saw he bullied SYR grrrrrr :triumph:

    He looks like one of those kids that likes the girl but it's not very good with words so he thinks being naughty it's the way to get her attention lol

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  9. Finally I'm going to watch Ever Night on Viki, was waiting to be complete and since I got a TV for Christmas i don't have to watch it on my iPad lol 

    I couldn't help it and watched already all the best parts ( fights and SS/NQ:D) even if it was with no subtitles lol 

    Can't seem to forget this drama and my weeks are more sad without it lol 

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  10. On 1/1/2019 at 12:46 PM, UnniSarah said:

    Happy New Year  Ever Night Fans @epinklyn @Wotad @n3bula @angelangie @lynne22 @raziela @greenwatch08 @mei2018 @dzareth @LeeN  @ningsangcpp @littlemissmiss @toninha @Snow Guardian @Cheng Chao @pangia @stella77 @rhaps    To the rest of Ever Night Fans that i miss




    Happy new year:grin:

    Happy new year everyone :grin:

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  11. Even though it’s not exactly an ending I actually liked but maybe because I know it’s going to be a second season lol.  Some Chinese dramas left me really disappointed and really mad at the end but worse is an open ending without a next season ...:angry:

    i was really happy to be in this journey with everyone hope to see you in another forum or in the next season of Ever Night, thank you :wub:

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  12. 17 minutes ago, n3bula said:

    I agree no matter how YHY is she is still a woman. She has eyes lol. I have not seen much of YHY yet. I like that NQ is cautious with her. 


    Yes I believe SS felt a bit cautious when she met her. I mean here comes yet another pretty girl looking for her NQ. She's probably thinking MSS just left, can't I catch a break? Lol. I did love how NQ made sure to let YHY know exactly who SS is to him. That made her feel good. 


    Based on comments I've read YHY is a good fighter and is a cool character so SS may admire some of these qualities. 


    I don’t like YHY in the book because she is the female version of NQ cold and cruel sometimes the only difference it’s that NQ as SS and YHY is alone, she is only interested in cultivation. 

    In the drama she is a cool character because she is a badass but she seems also very lonely and sad. 

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  13. 46 minutes ago, carbonara said:

    yes, this is what i meant. in the drama it also seems like they will be the main couple. i just did not get the impression from the drama that their relationship had ever had romantic feelings at all, but rather (along with the other guy, RIP...)  as close siblings, and of course the most important people in eachother's lives.

    For me it was always a romantic relationship almost like an married couple 

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  14. 24 minutes ago, carbonara said:


    i thought it was funny a few of you talked about how XH and the empress acted like more than siblings. well imo NQ and SS act exactly like siblings!!!!! i had never felt any romantic chemistry at all, which is why i am so suprised at where we are now. one of the reviewers on viki mentioned that in the books it is not this way however, and you can actually tell they might have feelings for one another. so i guess the drama just did a bad job...


    SS' temper tantrum also made me like her less. i feel so bad for MSS :(((( on top of that SS saved NQs life with the heavenly pill (NQ was somehow so suprised when pipi told him she forcefully took the pill), but MSS saved NQ's life at least twice. on top of that MSS's friend died saving NQ as well. i thought it was kind of weird they didn't really mention that, and it didn't seem like NQ was sorry about it, etc.


    also i found out CFY is the son of chen kaige, who is one of my favorite filmmakers.

    Actually in the novel SS and NQ are the main couple and if there is a mistake in the drama it's the relationship between NQ and MSS it was never love for NQ but more like a crush because MSS is pretty and both love calligraphy.

    SS it's been in NQ life since the beginning I'm pretty sure they saved each other lifes more than once, you can compare that to the two times MSS saved NQ life.


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  15. 19 minutes ago, Snow Guardian said:

    Hahaha if I can request a change, it would be a change from female scriptwriter to male instead. I wanna see an awesome fighting scenes. Not only focusing on talks and romance even though I am dying to see NQ-SS scenes together:D

    How about two co- screenwriters, one a women and the other a man?  Now we get romance and action:D

    Apart from some issues with the romance and some actions scenes we can agree she did a good job, it’s one of my favourites dramas ever. 

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  16. 3 minutes ago, rhaps said:

    Right now, I'm only worried about S1 . As long as S1 is fine, then I'm okay. IMHO, if the casts change a lot, then they should just produce another drama instead :P


    I think the whole story is not just about shipping the 'right' or 'wrong' ship. It's about the growth of the main characters, that is NQ and SS. People around them help to decide what's best for them, according to their own values. First Bro thinks that MSS is better, because he only views things from NQ-MSS's side, while Second Bro views things from NQ-SS's side (plus he has known them longer too) . They all love their Little Bro and want him to have the best.


    Eventhough First Bro has a part of making NQ confuses more , but this is a process that he and SS need to go through, in order for them to grow up. IMHO, there's nothing wrong with NQ liking MSS. He and SS never had a romantic relationship before, and in the drama, SS has once agreed for him to find a wife. MSS is pretty and openly likes and approaches him, while they share a common interest, so which guy wouldnt be tempted by a girl as pretty as her? So, NQ-SS need this to happen, in order to realize what they really need and want




    I don’t know why but I felt that first brother was trying to separate NQ from SS to protect him from something that will happen later, at least thats what I got from the conversation between FZ and first brother when NQ was drunk, thats why the headmaster asked him why he insisted in the marriage if even he knew how important is SS in NQ life. 

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  17. I don't mind reading the spoilers and different opinions because I know it's because everyone loves the drama and the novel that in someway they feel connected to the stories and characters. I don't see it as negative but as a viewer it's normal to criticize some parts of the drama that we thought might be better specially if it involves your favorite OTP lol but that's normal it's part of being human never to be satisfied. 

    I think that's what makes a forum fun being able to express what we feel from watching a drama and be able to relate or disagree with others if it's always in a respectful way we sometimes might learn something :) 

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