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  1. How long is this war going to last?? Don't get me wrong I love the novel but I'm getting impatient waiting for SS to return even though it's not going to be total happiness for NQ
  2. I think they need glasses lol she was always pretty
  3. YHY in the novel is one of those characters that you hate, almost to the point you wish NQ should just kill her already. The drama made her look cool maybe because the actress did a good job and also the writer changed the script lol but I will be really upset if there is a loveline between her and NQ.
  4. For me the actor who stole the show was SYR she made SS shine even though the writer didn't give the character justice. Arthur was okay when he had a good actor to work with but in the scenes from the wasteland emotionally the actor was weak, he is still young and as a lot to grow as an actor. I'm going to watch season 2 but from what I see from the BTS it looks promising so I can't wait to see it.
  5. I have a love and hate relationship with first brother, he was definitely wrong in pushing MSS and NQ weeding but at the same time he was trying to protect NQ because of all the things he as to face in the future if he stayed with SS. Everything first brother does is to protect the academy and his brothers and sisters but sometimes his actions end up hurting them more because you can't avoid destiny and what's going to happen and I also find the actor cute lol
  6. Third sister is a badass and such an interesting character that is not bound by gender, it doesn't matter if she is a man or a woman because in the end it's just a sheel
  7. Just finish watching 6 episodes straight hoping to finally see NQ and SS together but still nothing just more of the same NQ and MSS ( can't stop cursing the TV lol), really did we need 13 episodes of that??? Best part today and sad too was the two teachers fighting and saying goodbye it made me cry. Since NQ is being a selfish brat I'm starting to wish SS with sećond teacher, I like the way he looks at her and seems to care because someone we all know keeps forgetting that SS is his life ( I'm hard fan of SS for me Song Yiren stole the show she made SS shine even though the character was poorly written not the novel fault but the screenwriter)
  8. MSS never knew the real NQ, she started creating this romantic hero from his calligraphy and the chicken soup, after he saved her she couldn't let go of that fantasy it doesn't help that NQ never shows his real personality except to SS, the only person that he can trust with everything in his life is SS and I'm not sure if MSS could handle that side of him.
  9. I guess we are watching a different drama and reading a different novel lol It's not even close to the novel, NQ had a crush and he never shed a tear for MSS of course he wants concubines after all it was normal at that time and he is a young men lol There is a difference between like and love and that's the same with MSS and SS and I don't hate her just the writer for creating a love triangle where there isn't one lol
  10. I'm watching NQ in the wasteland and maybe because he doesn't have more experient actors to act with on those scenes but I can tell the actor inexperience in this part of the story it fells emotionally flat even some dialogues except for the fight scenes in those he is excellent That magic from the early episodes is missing in the episodes of the wasteland ( maybe its SS lol ) The best part for me until now, I'm on ep 35, it's the relationship between SS and her teacher and the empress story didn't know she was such a badass I kind of like her character.
  11. I really hope season 2 will be great because I love the novel but not sure how they are going to show this part of the story in the drama since it's really violent and dark But we have more romantic scenes can't wait to see if the new actor as chemistry with our SS.
  12. Now I am thank you i didn't know about this forum
  13. I can't break it just got it for Christmas lol I also prefer NQ from the novel because from the beginning it was always SS for him the rest were just infatuations because they are beautiful women and not even MSS had a chance in winning his love. The drama almost destroyed that part for me it felt like MSS was the female lead and had this tragic love with NQ instead of SS that is the main character in Ever Night
  14. I'm watching ever night now and I just got to that part where I'm going to hate NQ for a while, even before he went to the wasteland I wanted to slap him for not realising how SS was felling, selfish... I'm a big fan of SS so all the lovey dovey scenes with MSS are going to make me want to break my TV.
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