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  1. This scene really brought mixed feelings. My heart broke for QY, and XK just looked so conflicted . But I can't completely blame Miya though, as if I was in her position, it would not be that easy to let go of XK, especially when in her perspective, the problem that hinder them from getting back together was that XK wouldn't want to ruin her career. But the fact is that we all know (except Miya of course) that XK has completely let go of the past and ready to start a new journey with QY *sigh* Btw, can't wait for episode 27! it also has some of my favourite scenes and so glad that these last few episodes that have been torturing us will be over and get replaced with butterflies and flowers, lol!
  2. The jealousy scene is my fav! the scene where XK and YX overheard PX and QY conversation and XK's expression is so somber got me smiling from ear to ear, also XK and Sun Ge conversation! can't believe XK looks so awkward and panicked unlike his normal self. Well, I guess its all thanks to PX that XK finally realise his feelings for QY and Sun Ge's advice that makes XK be brave and plan to confess in the next episode
  3. Hi! I've been silently following this forum and your recap lol. I'm so hooked on this drama btw. I've watched this almost 5 times I think hahah although theres no eng subs available yet, I relied on my little knowledge of Chinese :'). Thanks for your recap, I can understand some parts which I could not understand before. The storyline, the casts, the message it delivers are really outstanding and mind-blowing!! I still can't move on from this drama, I don't know what I should do?? lolll Btw, is there no promotional activities for gank your heart? I expect more behind the scenes of yibo and zixuan . I really ship this couple, but I think the possibility of them becoming real couple is low tho, cos I heard that yibo is somewhat awkward and cold towards girls? what a shame
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