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  1. mmm guys? did you see this? https://www.instagram.com/p/BnwIYTmHOzY/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet edit: damn, I don't know how to post things of instagram here, go to ohvely andsee what she just postedd!!!! shinyyyy object!!!
  2. Omoo omoo! soompi stopped working after the hotness of PMY and PSJ! amazing scene (and I haven’t even seen the complete episode) and amazing “acting” from both actors
  3. we were having such a good time, why do always people attack us... we can't be blamed for having such a great ship anyway, fighting!! source: tumblr
  4. For like 5 seconds I couldn't breathe while I read the bold part about the breaking news believing it to be true but then I got my heart broken... oh well soon enough we'll hear this great news
  5. Uhhhh okay, thanks!! Meaningful indeed!! Lol, I really think is starting to get obvious “definitely” sinking ship
  6. When did she started using that ring? I was looking at her instagram, and she appeared with it in the pics at Japan, on June 17th
  7. or maybe she was in Japan at a certain date with a certain someone? she's at the same place that LSG was... maybe it's a coincidence, but a girl can dream right? where was OYS when LSG went to Japan? I don't remember
  8. Delurking just to say thank you!!! the second kdrama I'm into after hwayugi, and I'm loving WWWSK, and was dying to know more !!
  9. yeahh, I've seen ton of BTS of About time and from LL, and about time is just on ep 6!!! I mean, WTH? and with the main couple involved. It's so unfair, so weird... why did we get so little, and almost none involving the main couple? WHYYYYY !! I just need some news!! Okay, sorry... my emotions, I'm just desperate..
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