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  1. Ok so I know what happened- seen it in numerous gifs BUT CANNOT HANDLE SEEING IT IN CONTEXT WITHIN AN EPISODE!!! Basically saving it and waiting to watch it tomorrow like I am on a diet and saving my calorie intake for a BIG chocolate cake dessert!!! Anyone else feeling like this!? Like it is too awesome to handle!? Have watched western dramas and sex scenes but it feels so shocking in kdrama as even though I am new to kdrama, I have watched loads of scenes of stone faced emotionless kissing/eyes open/girl being forced into relationship skinship unwillingly already while being uncomfortable at the power dynamics at times and this level of commitment to love scenes and the woman openly wanting the sexy times and him waiting for reciprocation after she called out his pushy behaviour is really great to me. This is how you do modern balanced relationships! This is definitely coming up to par with heart to heart as my fave drama on that basis alone!!!
  2. Yes he definitely is a loose cannon-he has to be the source of attention at all times. We talk about YJ'S narcissism but SY is more subtle and insidious the way he gets attention for himself.Now he can't be the victim -will he be a culprit?
  3. Loved everyone and everything-but special award goes to the snippets of YJ in the early days before and during the first time of meeting Mi So again in the memories-him trying to avoid other women and having panic attacks on an ongoing basis while trying to be a boss to Mi so keeping himself in his role while obviously only feeling comfortable with Kim Mi So. It came across really well. You could see this scarred man opening up and attaching himself to Mis So while she was not aware and only realising her importance to his life at the moment she handed in her notice. PSJ really played it subtle with his ptsd playing into all his life and interactions. His narcissism and confidence in his intelligence and appearance is really highlighted as a form of protection against the fragility and nerves he still felt.
  4. This backhug and their expressions are slowly killing me-i CAN'T STOP LOOKING AT IT!!!
  5. I think everybody has dwelled on how well the show is doing the angst but what about how well the characters are delivering comedy?!Cannot be overstated. Park see joon is wonderful with his talking to the mirror routine when he was chastising himself for being too perfect and countless other moments. Also the side characters which I thought would irritate the hell out of me are making me lol-the lead manager who always knows the gossip plus the best friend who knows YJ too well and then the side couples are great too. The bodyguard with the great voice with the epic music always saving the secretary from shame is too sweet-can't wait for them to get together-I was hating the stingy guy but he is starting to grow on me with the comedy. I was not even thinking about the show but a random moment in my life reminded me of his SURPRISE moment and arranging himself on the ground so he was lounging and made me laugh out loud again.. This show really hits these moments right. Not to be overly critical as I loved strong woman bong soon-especially the lead couple-but their moments of comedy were very hit and miss for me. That show was my first kdrama as up to this point I have watched british or US dramas and the humour was very different from what I am used to. Dunno if I have just got used to the comedy or rather that this show is different in dealing with it in a more natural way. Also will the coworkers have to be told or will they eventually figure out that the two are a couple? Any other work office people's first conclusion would be that they are dating which Kim Mi So evidently thought would happen this ep due to the hot tea debacle (lol at that being a moment where they were seen by coworkers and not the other times) but these people are making me lol at how they come to everything but the right conclusion. Reckon they will get their wedding invitations in the post before they will figure it out. But I love them all!
  6. Does anyone think that YJ may connect the conversation he had with Mi So with her mother who collapsed and was diagnosed with illness with how Mi So fell if only for a while? The viewers know the truth that her memories have came back but he doesn'tbut we know that she will be unconscious in hospital for a while. He may think she is sick like her mother. The angst!!!!!
  7. FINALLY watching a subbed copy-kept stopping to rewatch his whole sweet-talk to kim mi so-glorious! Him wanting to marry her as soon as possible and muttering under his breath when she refused as she thought it was too quick about her being the one wanting to originally to marry him-omg! His hug!Not wanting to be separated!Finally able to sleep all he wants without tranquillisers! Even him outright lying was cute when Kim Mi So said again that she didn't mind as she liked him anyway. You could see his relief. Now coming up to the 20 minute mark when they slipped into their roles as boss and secretary and realised it at the same moment-his internal thought about is this how couples talk? Made me howl Will write back with further thoughts soon when I am finished as I had to cry about that to someone on the internet! The best bit was him talking about cake and her mentioning preparing his favourite rare cheesecake and him agreeing and a split second later going :/ This isn't how regular couples engage in conversation!!! LOL
  8. That kiss was gold and was making me melt and that moment where Mi so finally joined the dots and said his name...Brilliant! Figure we will get another denial off YJ again but I think Mi So is certain that he is her oppa and now will have to figure out how and why this situation has happened. Come through Detective Kim!!! Rooting for you all the way!
  9. So late responding to this topic this week. Think that everyone has summed up my thoughts-love everything but always waiting for the jerk brother to show up and ruin it! I want to punch his smug entitled face in-that beautiful moment where YJ read the sketchbook that kid Mi So made for HIM and then having to set it aside as another thing his brother wants. UGH!!! And his whole confession on the stage about "not letting Mi So go"-wtf!!! If he wasn't a romantic male writer and was a woman for example talking to people and not fans, people would see how crazy such a statement was and that isn't taking into account that he basically said it to Mi So in front of a pack of strangers that he wouldn't let her go?! That was so uncomfortable and weird. I would have run for the hills! They just don't have that kind of relationship- (yet-though does anyone think it is gonna happen???/ha nope) even if he was her childhood saviour which he was NOT. There is a side to me that is sympathetic to him cos he is obviously sick but he has basically tortured YJ (who is the REAL VICTIM) and his family for years with his self pity and bullying. Yep he didn't inherit the company and believes himself to be the wronged victim but he basically has a few distorted nightmares once in a while while basically touring the world being a best selling novelist with "wine, women and writing" as he said. While YJ is the upstanding responsible son managing the company while managing crippling nightmares, awful memories and phobias with zero contact with people with the exception of Mi So. All while being the linchpin of the family and pretending for the sake of all to have forgotten everything while taking blame for it at the same time. UGGGHHH!!!The more I think about it the angrier I get! I know he adds depth and conflict but he is the one character I want to die in a fire in the whole show-even the miser guy is funny the more I see him. Every time I see SY, I want to fast forward through his smug sad sack face!!!
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