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  1. So, they made the unconcious queen is the real so yong as bong hwan in his body ? Its much more interesting. Btw, from the preview ep 7 where the queen is awake, judging from the behavior and the expression, I see it as so bong , not the real queen. Maybe due to the some reasons, bong hwan is coming back into the queen’s body.
  2. @enzek Its chupa chups @/kaendi ! Btw peeps, i wanna ask something abt qi. Is it something related to the soul (as in this drama it involved between two swap souls) or some health problems ? And is it the same thing with ying and yang elements ? I’m asking because there’s certain dramas highlighting about yin yang in aspects of husband and wife relationship. They shows that when some elements(either ying/yang) are not balance, it can leads to imbalance energy in the body. Thus, one of the way to restore energy is consummate the marriage.
  3. Hi @enzek ! Thanks for sharing my tweets here as I’m really appreciate it very much ! I’m rarely using this forum to write because I’m not so familiar with this. And to @partyon, thanks for tagging me already done answer your poll
  4. YES !! I saw that in the recent ep when the King apologize to So Bong in the rain, she just brush him off by saying its okay and nothing to worry about. She even chased him away and that’s make the King feels hurt by her action. Feeling unsatisfied, he walk away and come back to her and give her the umbrella while saying that he didnt want to sleep with her tonight since she hurt his feelings.
  5. https://twitter.com/hyesunarchive/status/1341721216801931265?s=21 OMG ?! Eununch So yong ?!
  6. We dont get much still cuts for today’s ep. It can be due to the controversies. They are trying to keep it lowkey ☹️ Still, I hope that more viewers are anticipating for this week’s ep !
  7. I’m with you @illay !! I read from somewhere saying there’s no romance thingy between the king and the queen, which i found that is quite impossible tho there’s no romance genre stated for this drama other than fusion-saeguk. But my inner heart screaming for romance for these two !
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