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  1. I saw someone asking whether HS is pregnant right now. Because of the scene where LY told that he wont let his woman with his baby cry and after that the scene where HS crying so hard was shown. ( quite make sense) Plus, someone was confused whether HS is crying or vomiting during the preview. I was like , Andweeee!! she cannot pregnant right now in the middle of angst !! And most important, when they did happongi if she's really pregnant ?
  2. today's ep really makes me tear up. With the scenes where LY imagine HS in the palace, ahh the feeling is suffocating. But, I really not satisfied with this ep too. How come LY not know who HS really is ??!!! I'm really waiting this scene for today. Whenever I saw LY's face, I feel I want to beat LY like, Wake up !!!!! She's your first love, Yi Seo !! EDIT : I saw someone translate for the next ep, LY ask HS to be his concubine ?! OMG LY !! what is that guy thinking now ?!
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