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  1. I saw someone asking whether HS is pregnant right now. Because of the scene where LY told that he wont let his woman with his baby cry and after that the scene where HS crying so hard was shown. ( quite make sense) Plus, someone was confused whether HS is crying or vomiting during the preview. I was like , Andweeee!! she cannot pregnant right now in the middle of angst !! And most important, when they did happongi if she's really pregnant ?
  2. today's ep really makes me tear up. With the scenes where LY imagine HS in the palace, ahh the feeling is suffocating. But, I really not satisfied with this ep too. How come LY not know who HS really is ??!!! I'm really waiting this scene for today. Whenever I saw LY's face, I feel I want to beat LY like, Wake up !!!!! She's your first love, Yi Seo !! EDIT : I saw someone translate for the next ep, LY ask HS to be his concubine ?! OMG LY !! what is that guy thinking now ?!
  3. Please. Dont make LY become puppet in the palace. He already have bad memories since he was little. He lost his mother, his first love. I really hope he just pretending not remember about KCE and CP.
  4. As expected, she will leave the village with her brother after LY back to palace. Now, he remembers who is he and does it means that he automatically remember who is HS ? Also, I saw some flashback posts that relate the first scene in first ep that is quite gloomy and LY ask to bring the horse to go for a war. I dont know whether it will be sad or happy ending, but I'm voting for happy ending (of course) because NJH is the queen of rom-com. There's no way this drama can be sad ending (hoping) !!
  5. My feeling said he did knew something. Does it weird after back to Seoul, he suddenly walk to HS and kissed her (blush) ?
  6. I have a feeling (insert WD mode) that after WD met MY, he seems to know something. Perhaps about HS ? Because the way he looks her after went to Seoul is kind of different. I dont know if anybody notice about that.
  7. Hi everyone ! Since I have read the comments on this page and watching 8 eps, I kinda have some thoughts. 1) HS and WD might be divorced. Thats why the title is 100 days my husband. They become husband and wife only when LY live at the village as WD. For me, it is significant scene when HS told WD if she cut the ties at the robe, it means that they are divorced. The ending of this drama is they could be together again as LY and YIS. 2) HS will be follow her brother. Thats means she might leave the Songjoo Village since MY already ask her to go together living in a new place at the borders. Maybe she left the village after WD return to the palace. 3) LY will remember who is HS after he return to the palace. And I also believe the scene where both of them sitting facing each other in the palace while HS smile to him is his imagination. 4) For MY and the crown princess, I come to think that they will die at the end.
  8. Yes. his bodyguard already die after being shot by arrow and fell to the cliff. After watching ep 4, I have some thoughts - HS doesnt know that WD is the same person that promised to marry her when they were kids. In ep 4, she just said that to him without realising that just to get a grip on himself. - WD already remember who actually he is after some memories flashback and I doubt that he know that HS and YIS is the same person for this time being. - WD might know that HS and YIS is the same person after he return back to the palace. There are scene on mv that he and HS sitting faced each other while HS smiled at him. - Back in times, LY is not a CP yet when they were kids. She only knew that LY is from the noble family. Again, at that time, she maybe not know that CP/LY/WD is the same person who promised to marry her when they were kids These are just my thoughts. Tbh, I really really want WD noticed that HS and YIS is the same person.
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