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  1. Avoid them completely if possible. If not possible, be polite but don't engage with them or let them infect you with their crazy.
  2. I've had success with a castor oil. I put it along my lash line with a cotton swab.
  3. A new mattress is probably a better idea so that your back gets the support it needs.
  4. Hillarious. And a good job of explaining how acne develops.
  5. The skin around the eye is very delicate, so avoid pulling it when using eye tape, or any other product around the eye really. Always you use eye make up remover, too, when taking off eye makeup, since even that amount of pulling is bad for the skin around the eye.
  6. I like Aveda Deep Cleansing Clay masque. I like clay masques in general, and this one is my favorite.
  7. Thanks for the mask suggestions, everyone. I can't wait to try them.
  8. Laser treatments for eye bags are safe and effective.
  9. Laser skin treatments can really help with acne scars. Talk to a dermatologist about which laser is right for you, Cutera makes a variety with many different protocols.
  10. I'm agnostic about products, although I do favor natural ones that treat the skin well. Everyone's skin is different, so you'll have to keep trying until you get the right combination.
  11. There are some laser treatments for eczema that have been very successful. A carefully focused beam of light provides fast, effective treatment of eczematous patches without harming the surrounding skin. This allows for fast, effective, and painless treatment.
  12. My makeup routine begins with skincare. In fact, as much as I love and want to own so many makeup products, I have trained myself to spend on skincare first. If your skin isn't at its best, your make won't be either. With any extra I have I'll buy an eye color, blush, or lipstick.
  13. If your blackheads are super deep, then a home treatment may not be the best solution. Check with your dermatologist or doctor about laser treatments. For stubborn blackheads, also called comedones, laser therapies can target the deep roots without causing scarring. Laser treatments also target deep pockets of oil and so reduces the future supply of oil. The laser’s light attacks the underlying bacteria. It’s a simple procedure that is practically painless, the only side effect is slight redness that goes away in a few days.
  14. It depends on how bad they are, and if there is additional scarring from scratching. They do fade over time, or you can try castor oil. If you have stubborn scars that don't seem to go away with over-the-counter treatments, consider checking with your dermatologist for a more aggressive treatment.
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