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  1. In Korea, you only see celebrity couple’s news again when they break up, married, divorced or having children. So no news for LJ and JSM are good news for us. I was happy to see JSM sent a plant to congratulate joon’s CEO in May for opening a new store and the ceo follows her ig. I was even more excited to see JSM’s picture for furniture promotion (based on her flower crown on her head, should be close to her birthday ) and I could imagine the following conversation btw them ( excuse of my delulu mind) JSM: Honey, I bought some furniture for my parents and the furniture shop wants me to promote the furniture for them and send them some pictures with furniture LJ: is there anything I can help? JSM: well, to make the picture pretty, I need a phone, a treasure box to put flowers, a wall art and some toys. LJ: here they are... Jsm: love you 3000.. Ps. The antique phone on her left in the picture was the gift given to LJ by a fan and it was show on this show in 2012 in his living room next to toys. It make me happy when I know they are supporting each other and being happy. I know some of you are also concerned with some active shippers with her other co stars in various instragrams. Just let you know we Chinese also have a weibo for This couple with followers of almost 3300 people. That’s why you don’t see we write Chinese in her IG. I also notice some of jsm solid active Korean fans secretly click likes in Our couple picture in instagrams but not others....have a good day. cheers.
  2. Being a silent reader for awhile and would like make some comments regarding LJ military discharge date. I knew he would not get discharged on July 1 even though it was a wishful but unrealistic goal based on my analysis (feel free to correct me). 1. T.O.P has his military service for almost 21 months and the duration of hospital, court review and the waiting to be assigned reservist status was not counted. Assuming the same concept apply to LJ,wonder how long did he need to wait to be assigned as a social worker, could be few days, few weeks to months. 2. I think LJ’s case is more similar to Im Seulong’s case, he was enlisted in Nov 2017 as active soldier and waiting to be transferred to social worker in April 2018. His discharged date in news and article also varies, few said August and few said October 2019. No confirm date yet. This means that LJ agency probably doesn’t know the date too till it’s near. 3. LJ was transferred to public officer since his panic disorder worsened in March 18. From clinical point of view, if panic attacks get too severe, patients need to be hospitalized until they are under control (3-6 months are common). It’s not practical to assume people with panic disorder will recover instantly once transferred. Therefore, I expect his discharge date to be sometimes end of July to November. I am hoping sooner but I can wait. LJ would be the one who got disappointed the most that he could not discharge as scheduled and he let down fans that love him even though he has tried his best. I wish we can let him know that we are still proud of him regardless what. As a fan of LJ, I understand why he is silent now and I respect his decision. LJ fighting! Be healthy and happy and we wait for your return!
  3. Hi eyjooniesh, no intention to make u feel bad and I should not jump into conclusion too fast either. I always like your comments and the posts so keep going! Fighting
  4. I deleted my comments today here because I want proudly said my instragram account is shsu0308. I never created an account in my life and I created it because JSm and lj this year. After seeming eyjooniesh’s worry comment on this forum today, I mentioned in Somin ig if that I hope she will not be the same as other Kdrama actresses who had break up while bf Is in military. I barely made any comments anyway. I got bashed by certain jsm supporters that I only care about my oppa. We don’t make as many comments like them don’t mean we don’t love or care JSM as much. These people are also joonmin supporters but instead encouraging or show sympathy on our end, they bash us instead accusing other shippers who made more mean comments. I seen they did this to a young girl who is joonmin supporter not long ago because she was worried that Jsm was too affectionate to Gik. Instead calming her and told her not to worry, they made rude comments to her. If they have time, why don’t they do this to other shippers? If they can’t support us, understand us or guide us..how many shippers will stay under this concirmstanes ?? Ps,. @eyjoonish,I see your comments, nothing to do with singing (???)..just my thoughts that moment. Note: I saw your comments ..well said and agreed.
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